Mee bandung Muars..Fabulous..

Perrggghhhh, last nite, daia’s bro bring us to famous warung to eat mee bandung muarr, and the taste is…Awesome!!!!AAAuuuuwww YYeaaaaahhh..

Dark azs photo1592

Dark azs photo1593

This is original Mee Bandung Muar, you all should try this, all of the udang kering flavour is all over it, sugoiiiiiiiiii

And after eating mee bandung muar, we heading for KAROKS!!!2 hours karok is long enough to make us lose all of our voices..

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Dilengkapi dengan teknologi..touch screen, bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha, so funny laa this place, hikhikhikhikhik

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First time arriving at Muar, Daia’s house..

This is my first time arriving at, Johor, Muar especially, Thanx to da big boss, daia, and family for all of the trouble that we caused, thanx for the hospitality, we were really grateful and hopefully we will finished all of our project n assignment according to the plan. Tomorrow goin to Melaka, yuhuuuuuuuiiiiii

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Feel Good Inc..

Today after Mandarin Class, me n my friend goin to da park for fresh air, coz I really need one, well, its more to discussion though, one of the discussion is our(me, step n ct) visit to daia hometown, at Ma Po (Muar), well lets consider this as a vacation although its original purpose is for documentary, yeaahh homework stuff..more and more assignment coming, I guess this is the life that i have to face..

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Yeah that’s them, step, ct n daia, cant wait for another adventure this sabtuday..

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The Unexplained feeling..

Its sort of weird you know, today I wake up and I feel this “unexplained feelings”, sometimes I feel so hollow inside, sad, and I don’t know..I really don’t know what to feel I listen to this song, well, its workin a little..

Don’t look back in anger– another version..



Lets rock the world today!!!

Mando Diao–Dance with somebody


Break your happy home
Learn to sing along
To the music, to the music
Clap your hands and shake
On a summer’s day
To the music, to the music
[Chorus 2x]
I’m falling in love with your favourite song
I’m gonna sing it all night long
I’m gonna dance with somebody
Dance with somebody
Dance, dance, dance
I’m gonna dance with somebody
When you’re all alone
We become your home
We’re the music, we’re the music
When your love’s away
And you feel betrayed
We’re the music, sweet music
[Chorus 2x]
I’m falling in love with your favourite song
I’m gonna sing it all night long
I’m gonna dance with somebody
Dance with somebody
Dance, dance, dance
[Instrumental & Humming Part]
[Chorus 4x]
I’m falling in love with your favourite song
I’m gonna sing it all night long
I’m gonna dance with somebody
Dance with somebody
Dance, dance, dance


Sleep vs Insomnia

Arrgghhh its really hard to fall asleep at the time like this, but sometimes its so easy to fall asleep in the class, maybe the lecturer should come to my home and lecture me here so I can focus, and i ‘ll sleep at class, waaauuuu, im really brilliant..see!! am I rite??

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VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Yeaahh I know I’m hot..and I’m burning..


yeaahh well said too dT . Tb

Monday..what’s wrong with it??

Well if we still in high school, or elementary school, monday is the day of assembly, whether in the hall or in any other place, its all the same, boring, hateful, exhausting, and irritating..and I guess the tradition doesn’t stop here, even though there is no assembly in the monday morning at College or University, but some people or student still hate monday..well im one of them, but I don’t know your perception but hey, hateful or not, we still gonna go to class and doing our routine activity, which going to the class, pretending to hear lecture, yawning, internet surfing, sleeping, and any other activity which only you and God knows..Well its monday, happy monday!!! d^^,b

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New Price List d^^,b

Operating System

Window XP SP3 OEM = rm25(Format)/ rm20(Upgrading)

Window Vista Ultimate OEM = rm25(Format)/ rm20(Upgrading)

Window 7 Ultimate OEM = rm25(Format)/ rm20(Upgrading)

Window 7 Ultimate Original Product = rm50(Format)/ rm45(Upgrading)

Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student original = Rm50

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional original  = Rm80

p/s: Special offer just for Puncak Perdana student only


When “don’t know what to-do” illness attacking..

That is the history of my blog, created during the “don’t know what to-do” illness attacking my immune system..and I really don’t recall any interest of making blog but yeahhh, I did it..soo, welcome to my world..(am I welcoming myself or you?) Don’t mind me, maybe expressing thought through words is not bad at all..