Syawal Di Sandakan

Salam Hari Raya to everyone, Maaf Zahir dan Batin sekiranya pernah terkasar bahasa dan terlukakan perasaan korang, kosong kosong ye? Its been a long time since the last entry. A lot of things happen since then, my marriage with my beautiful wife, got a new job, and yesterday, we were welcoming our new hero to this world, Abdul Ra’uf Bin Abdul Aziz.

He was born yesterday, 1st Syawal/ 28hb July 2014, before Suboh. Thanks to Allah SWT, his weight was 2.8kg when he was arrive in this world, and he was completely fine, born with a lot of hair, and he look like his mother, luckily. Being a dad is a new experience to me, now I know the feeling of being a father, to my dad and my brothers, Din and Tim, guys, its such a beautiful experience. At this moment I still awake, watching my baby fall asleep, its really wonderful.

For now, he will cry for two reason, milk and change diapers. Currently I still trying to learn diapers changing, its not as easy as it looks though. But I try my best son, so don’t cry a lot yaa? Honestly, I really hope that he can survive this cruel world, grow a lot my son. So I spent 1st syawal at Hospital with my wife and 2nd syawal at home. My wife has gone through a lot of pain, even now she still feels pain in her waist and spine, after effect maybe. Glad both of them sleep well at this moment, they complete me.

Pictures? Not for this moment, if you know the danger of “Al-Ain”/ “Evil Eye”, then you wouldn’t simply uploading your child’s picture in social media. Below is a little info about Al-Ain for sharing.

Many people out there don’t believe in evil eye but many cultures believe in it and it is called by different names, such as al ‘ain by the arab speaking people, nazr or najr by the Turks, Indians and Pakistanis; mal occhio or mal de ojo in italian and spanish. Whatever you call it, we as Muslims have been informed about this through Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam). Our knowledge as humans is so limited as we can’t explain things like “the evil eye” or “telepathy” for that matter. It just somehow exists, but while they rest of the masses go wondering, We know from hadeeth that it exists. Rasoolullah (SAW) has even given us ilaaj (treatment) for it and protection from it. So what is al’Ain?


Aa’ishah (radhiyallahu ‘anha) reported Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam) said “Seek refuge with Allah from the evil eye for the evil eye is a reality”. (ibn Mājah 3508)

Ibn Hajr (rahimahullah) holds the view that the evil eye is a glance combined with jealousy that comes from a despicable person to affect another. (Fat-hul Bāri: 10/200)

evil_eyeIbn Qayyim (rahimahullah) tells us that al ‘ain is something that comes through nafs which is in you without control most of the time, when you see something you like, but you fail to mention Allah’s name on it, you fail to say Māshā’Allah, TabārakAllah. It comes about by glancing at something without you noticing it, is part of the evil spirit in each and every one of us that comes out when you see something you like.

According Shaykh Wāhid Abdus Salām Bāli jealousy stems from the heart’s burning desire to see the targeted person stripped off his blessings. Evil eye on the other hand emanates from the eye. Therefore a person with an evil eye may affect a target of which he is not jealous such as inanimate things, crops, money. He may even affect himself with his own evil eye or his beloved child by his stare of admiration. Jealousy only comes from an evil, resentful person but an evil eye may come from a righteous person who admires something without having the desire to see it taken away.


Amir bin Rabi’a (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) affected Sahl bin Hunayf (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) with the evil eye, despite the fact that Amir was not only among the early persons to accept Islam but also participated in Badr.

Ibn ‘Abbaas (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) reported Rasoolullah ((Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam) said: “The evil eye is a reality , and if there is anything that could ever race with al Qadar (destiny), it would have been the evil eye; and if you have been requested to wash your body, then do it”. (Muslim, Book of as Salām, Chapter: Medicine and Ruqā (an Nawawi 14/171)

In the above hadeeth, it is confirmed that a person has affected another person with his evil eye, and has been requested to wash his body and give the wasted water to the affected one to wash with, then he should do so.

How should we protect ourselves from this?

Rasoolullah ((Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam) permitted using Ruqya in accordance with Shari’ah for treating al ‘ain (evil eye) as reported by Muslim in a sound Hadith.

Among what Rasoolullah ((Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam) used to tell people to do to treat al ‘ain is the following: The perpetrator of al ‘ain should make a special form of ablution and pour the water of that ablution on the person who has been struck by al ‘ain.

Ibn al Qayyim (rahimahullah) said that al ‘ain can be cured by reciting Surahs al Falaq, an Naas, al Faatihah, the verse of al Kursiyy (Aayatal Kursiyy) and the Prophetic Du’a (supplications) many times.

The influence of the evil eye can be caused through sight or communication. Evil eye can come from Jinn (creatures created by Allah from smokeless fire). Therefore we should read the relevant du’as when undressing, looking into mirror, etc.

It is recommended that if a Muslim sees something he likes he should ask Allah to bless it whether it belongs to him or someone else. This counteracts al ‘ain.

What is the best thing to say whenever you see something you like?

Some scholars like ibn Kathir (rahimahullah) is of the view that saying “Māshā’Allah lā quwwata illā billā” will defend an evil eye. When he commented on the verse in Surah al Kahf- There were two men, one of them had a garden or two gardens. One was boasting about it and he was rejecting the idea that there would be a day of judgement. His companion told him that he should believe in Allah and that when he entered the gardens he should have said: “Māshā’Allah lā quwwata illā billā” and this would defend the evil eye.


However the most authentic opinion (to deflect an evil eye) whenever you see something you like or admire say something like “BārakAllahu lak”. So instead of saying “Wow, you look so gorgeous, or nobody can cook like me, or what an expensive car!”, say “Masha’Allah, TabārakAllah. BārakAllahu laka, bārakaAllahu laki and so on, like “May Allah bless this child, May Allah bless your car, May Allah bless your house” and so on.

So, got some ideas about al-ain? Sharing is caring, besides, it could brings riya’ as well, so be grateful for what you have, Alhamdulillah, and pray more. Will update you all later, Salam..


Mission to Nilai d^^,b

Dear My Future Wife

Alhamdulillah mission accomplish!! Hihihihi, actually today we managed to complete our mission which was to survey the souvenir for guest that will be attending our wedding day at 1 Jun. Thanks to my friend, Whiterose@Jojie@CtNoriza, her friend Dayah and her lil sister, ekin for accompanying me to go to Nilai for surveying souvenir.

Well i managed to snap some picture eventhough it is totally forbidden in there, hihihihihi, well have a look, it might give you some idea for wedding souvenir.07042013293

Cute pink flower of towel – 1pc – rm3.80


Pen..urrmm is it suitable??


Bunga Kaca, this one was very elegant and beautiful, people will remember it for sometime


One of the Bunga Telor, But in teddy bear version, nice one 🙂


Bungan telor, butterfly version, just like in fairy tail, hihihihi


Closer look on Butterfly Bunga Telor


Emo version of Bunga Telor, waauuuuu, emonyaaaa


Blue flower of Bunga Telor






Example for one of the Candy Bag


Another example for candy bag


Candy bag, but paper version


Candy Bag, expensive version, tp cantek 🙂


Kipas kipas yang ko mok toe~ 🙂


Errrrkk nice but uhummm~


Goblet of Fire, chehh, hihihihi.


Dalam tu letak gula2 ka, err gula pasir kaa, err garam kaa, ukey juak, hihihihihi


Egg Bucket, yg ni bagi teros dgn telor2nyaaa, tia paya beli bag.


Sama cam di atas kutt


Ni tuala kiut yg siap diikat reben, cumell, tinggal bagi jak, ada juak kin lap2 mulut pas makan~~


Yang ni bukan souvenir yaa, ni memikir apa yg patot dibuat souvenir~~


Yepzzz after a long day surveying all of the souvenir above, we all end up the day by Karoks at The Mines, hihihihihi, well to my future wife, how is it? Have something in mind? Hihihihi, I love you d^^,b

Memories Part 2

Hihihi, sebenarnya minggu(14/3/13) lalu saye balik Sabah, iyoo lee rindu dan bimbang keselamatan famili tercinta dan jugak tunang yg dirindui di Sandakan tu. Memey le kene balik, and its another important date in my life timeline. Duit dah cukup, so, proceed to majlis berian pada 16/3/13, yg tu kitorang buat simple je, just antara keluarga dan saudara mara sahaja, so tak banyak amek gambo. Tujuan majlis untuk penyerahan duit hantaran RM10k dan jugak penetapan tarikh kahwin, alhamdulillah tarikh dah pun ditetapkan, 1 Jun 2013, itu ialah tarikh perkahwinan kami yg akan berlangsung secara sederhana di Sandakan jugak.

16032013536 16032013537  1603201354016032013541

So sesiapa sahaja yg ternampak post ini, otomatik dijemput hadir pada tarikh tersebut, tempat dan masa akan diberitahu kemudian. Doa kan smoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar, walaupun majlis kecil kecilan dan sederhana, yang penting majlis akad nikah berlangsung dengan sempurna, dan sah menjadi suami isteri, itu yg penting. Err terus terang agak bdebar jugak, bukan sebab takot dengan pak imam, yg part aku terima nikahnya tu. Cuma hal perkahwinan ni bukan sesuatu yg main2, perkahwinan antara dua orang insan sama dengan perkahwinan dua buah keluarga. Harus baik antara keduanya, dan yg paling penting tu, tanggungjawab, addduhhh bab ni paling berat, so peringatan tuk saya dan semua lelaki di luar sana, praktis yg baik utk menjadi seseorang yg bertanggungjawab, ialah menjaga solat. Laksanakan tanggungjawab thadap Allah swt, in shaa Allah semuanya pasti baek2 sahaja.

P/s: My Kangkong tia suru letak gmbrnya dalam ni, nnti dia marah 🙂


Salam and Haaii everyone!! Lamanyaa tak update blog, diam tidak bererti lupa, cuma bz sdikit sahaja. Petang ni trasa mcm nak menulis laa pulak, byk sangat pkara nak share ngan korang. Ramai yg tertanya tanya kenapa lama menyepi, mungkin ade jugak yg tdengar khabar yg saya dah nak kawen, mcm2laa persepsi korang ek, yg persepsi teruk smpai mcm ni pun ade.

Mungkin salah saya jugak sebab terlalu menyepi and tak update khabar berita sampai timbul spekulasi mcm ini. Memanglaa betol saye nak kahwin, tetapi bkn sebab yg diatas tu. Sebab nyer dah sampai seru, keje dah ade,  duit dah cukup, calon dah ade, cantik  plak tu, kahwin laaa nak tunggu ape lagi. Buat member2 lelaki kat luar sana tu, dah jumpe yg terbaek, jgn lah nk tunggu2, cukop je duit g jumpe makayah, kahwin laa terus. Bcinta lepas kahwin best, boleh bawak g mane2 je, pegang tangan puas2 pegang lah, cume jgn buat aksi meluat kat tengah orang ramai, kang kene baling kasut kang.

Tringat lagi masa tahun 2012, 24hb Ogos, dah nekad dah tym tu, so hantarlaa rombongan g rumah c Kangkong ni, tuk majlis tunang yg rasmi dan tetapkan tempoh tunang dan hantaran brapa. Lupa nak share ngan korang tarikh2 penting ni, sorry, hihihihi.
_DSC0472                                                                                                         Rombongan2 kami~

_DSC0519 _DSC0526
_DSC0561_DSC0574 _DSC0580_DSC0604pizap.com13461550813701

So Majlis Tunang 24/8/12 pun dah, hihihihi, bergerak ke timeline yg seterusnyaa, majlis berian yg baru jak berlangsung pada minggu lalu, 16/3/13.

To be continue..

Trend Jubah Muslimah Kini


Alhamdulillah.. Kini ramai artis-artis tempatan kita yang mula berhijrah dengan memakai hijab. Secara tidak langsung akan menjadi ikutan para peminat-peminat setia mereka. Persoalannya, walaupun ramai wanita akhir zaman kita yang bertudung dan berpakaian tutup, tetapi masih boleh disifatkan sebagai bertelanjang kerana berpakaian ketat, sendat dan menampakkan bentuk badan.

jubah sendat


     Sangat sedih apabila melihat penjualan jubah-jubah muslimah di internet. Layakkah ianya digelar jubah muslimah apabila ianya ketat, jarang dan melekat di badan? Inilah akibat daripada cara halus unsur-unsur jahiliah yang menyerap masuk ke dalam fesyen wanita muslim.

Dikatakan bahawa jubah itu adalah pakaian menutup aurat iaitu semua aurat termasuk aurat-aurat tersembunyi di sebalik kain jubah. Sekarang ini sudah terbalik. Pereka fesyen busana Muslimah sudah semakin ghairah mencipta fesyen jubah yang bukan-bukan. Apa manafaatnya kalau pakai jubah tapi garis tali coli tersembul atau garisan seluar dalam jelas kelihatan apabila berdiri dan berjalan.

Tujuan asal jubah adalah untuk meminimum dan menghalang kesan seksual dari aurat tubuh wanita ke atas pandangan nafsu syahwat kaum lelaki yang melihat. Tetapi, apa gunanya lagi, jika Jubah pun sudah mula disendat dan dicampurkan elemen kebaya dalam rekaannya. Apa maknanya jubah Muslimah sekiranya lelaki boleh terangsang nafsu apabila melihatnya ?

hijabster malaysia


Periksa pakaian yang anda pakai.. Periksa niat anda, untuk berfesyen atau menutup aurat..

Jom muhasabah diri ^^


  kredit to :

Cara Masak Telur Guna Handphone

Telefon Bimbit merupakan satu keperluan pada zaman ini, jadi setiap orang pasti memiliki telefon bimbit.. Tapi tahukah anda selain kita boleh buat panggilan, sms, dan lain… kita juga boleh gunakan telefon bimbit untuk memasak! tidak kira lah model apa pun.. Lagi bagus kalau anda guna hanphone yang murah-murah cap ayam (hanpdhone tiruan) sebab kalau anda guna handphone tiruan kadar radiasi handphone lebih tinggi berbanding beli yang original, sebab yang original dia ada tapis sikit tahap radiasi dia, namun radiasi tetap ada jugak tak kira la ori ke tak.. yang penting boleh masak.

Berikut adalah cara-cara memasak telur guna handphone:

A very important message to everyone, please read it carefully.

1 Egg, & 2 Mobiles 65 minutes of connection between mobiles. We assembled something as per image:

Pesanan penting kepada semua tolong baca dengan teliti. Satu ujikaji radiasi telefon bimbit ke atas telur telah dijalankan. Bahan yang digunakan sebiji telur dan dua buah telefon bimbit. Persediaan adalah seperti gambar di bawah:

Initiated the call between the two mobiles and allowed 65 minutes approximately. .. During the first 15 minutes nothing happened; 25 minutes later the egg started getting hot; 45 minutes later the egg is hot; 65 minutes later the egg is cooked.

Panggilan di antara dua telefon diaktifkan untuk tempoh selama lebih kurang 65 minit. Hasilnya seperti berikut:

15 minit – tiada apa yang berlaku.

25 minit – telur mulai panas.

45 minit – telur telah panas.

65 minit – telur telah masak.

Conclusion: The immidiate radiation of the mobiles has potential to modify the proteins of the egg. Imagine what it can do with the proteins of your brains when you do long calls.

Rumusan: Radiasi dari telefon bimbit mampu untuk mengubah protein telur. Bayangkan apa yang ia dapat buat kepada protein otak anda apabila anda berbual untuk tempoh yang panjang menggunakan telefon bimbit.

P/S: ini bermakna telefon bimbit mempunyai radiasi, radiasi ini akan bertambah kuat lagi bila anda melakukan panggilan atau menerima panggilan. oleh itu, lagi lama anda bergayut lagi tinggi potensi untuk dapat penyakit. Antara penyakit yang  paling best disebabkan radiasi handphone ialah Kanser Otak..

Jadi kepada anda semua, jangan la bergayut lama sangat, sayangi otak anda. Tapi bagaimana pula bagi lelaki yang letak handphone dalam poket seluar.  Kalau ada satu handphone je mungkin setengah masak. Tapi kalau Ada 2 handphone pulak, satu letak poket sebelah kanan satu lagi belah kiri.. memang masak la. hehe..

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Koleksi Skuter Jepun (8 Gambar)

Perrrrggghhhh, dah macam Gaban Z dah aku tengok. Negara seperti Jepun memang lebih menggemari motor skuter berbanding motor bergear yang lain, mungkin kerana motor jenis ini lebih mudah dikendalikan, lebih santai dan lebih sopan bila dinaiki.

nota :


hahaha,.. asal boleh je dia taruk lirik,.. janji bunyik jepun,..

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Mirillis Action 1.10 Full

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Small GUI improvements

Stability improvements

View full changelog

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Siapa Pereka Bentuk Asal Bendera Jalur Gemilang ?

JALUR Gemilang telah dibawa ke Stesen Angkasa Antarabangsa (ISS) oleh angkasawan negara

SEMASA hayatnya, Mohamed Hamzah merahsiakan beliaulah pencipta Jalur Gemilang, hingga ramai temannya sendiri tidak mengetahui perkara itu.

Hanya selepas kematiannya pada 1993, barulah adik beliau, Abu Bakar Hamzah (gambar), sekarang 77, mendedahkan secara terbuka perihal abangnya itu.

Abu Bakar Hamzah

Jalur Gemilang menurutnya, mula dicipta pada 1947 apabila pemerintah masa itu mengadakan pertandingan mereka bendera Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

Mohamed yang ketika itu berusia 29 tahun tidak mahu melepaskan peluang keemasan tersebut untuk menonjolkan bakat melukisnya.

Mohamed Hamzah

Bekas kakitangan Jabatan Kerja Raya Johor itu memang berbakat dalam bidang seni lukis dan sanggup menghabiskan masa berjam-jam menyiapkan sesebuah lukisan.

Surat dan lakaran bendera yang di hantar semasa pertandingan

“Saya masih ingat Allahyarham yang tamat persekolahan di English College (kini Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar) mengambil masa dua minggu mereka empat lakaran bendera untuk dihantar ke Kuala Lumpur.

Akhirnya terpilih

“Dia tersenyum lebar ketika lakaran bendera diciptanya dipilih dan dipaparkan dalam akhbar-akhbar tempatan,” katanya.

Allahyarham menghembuskan nafas terakhir pada 19 Februari 1993, 14 hari sebelum genap usia 75 tahun di rumah keluarganya di Kampung Melayu Majidee, Johor Bahru.

Allahyarham pernah meminta adiknya Abu Bakar untuk merahsiakan dirinya pencipta Jalur Gemilang dan biarlah masyarakat mengetahuinya sendiri.

Namun setelah meninggal dunia, banyak pihak tidak bertanggungjawab mengaku mencipta Jalur Gemilang membuatkannya tampil bercerita kisah sebenar meskipun memungkiri janji kepada abangnya.

Kini, perkara itu telah terungkai tetapi Abu Bakar masih memendam rasa kecewa berikutan Allahyarham masih belum menerima pengiktirafan sewajarnya.

“Jalur Gemilang sudah sampai ke angkasa lepas malah yang membawanya turut mendapat pengiktirafan tinggi tetapi pencipta bendera bagai dipinggirkan,” katanya.

Ditanya mengenai bangunan terakhir yang direka Allahyarham, Abu Bakar berkata, dia tidak mengingatinya kerana terlalu banyak yang direka bentuk oleh Allahyarham.

Antaranya bangunan Dewan Jubli Intan, Menara Johor. Bagi mengenang jasa abangnya, beliau dan saudara-mara mengadakan kenduri arwah setiap Ogos serta melawat pusaranya di Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru.

Allahyarham mendirikan rumah tangga empat kali dan terakhir bersama Robani Daud. Mereka dikurniakan seorang anak, Mariam serta empat anak angkat; Khadijah, Azizah, Mohd. Ali dan Mohd. Seth.

Bagi Abu Bakar, bendera itu melambangkan kedaulatan negara. Sebab itulah beliau sedih apabila Jalur Gemilang tidak dihormati.

Antara isu menyedihkan termasuklah ia dipasang terbalik, sudah lusuh atau koyak.

“Saya pernah memarahi individu yang sengaja mengibarkan bendera separuh tiang,” katanya.

Krdt to Dayak at MalaysiaRia