New Day and New Task..

Assalamualaikum all readers wherever you are, I really miss you all and I want to apologize for abandoning this blog for a while. I hope it is still not to late to wish you all, Slamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin..There are so many story to tell but I guess I’ll hold it on first for later. Today, for me, was a new day because the beginning of second week after 4 month vacation was  important because all of the lecturer 100% will begin their lecture’s session exactly on today.


So this morning I awake at 6am and after subuh, I re-sleep and re-awake(I don’t know whether this words are exist or not) at 7am. And then like usual, routine at 7am on Monday was  washing clothes while taking a bath, and then cam biasalaa, bersiap ape suma. When I look outside the window, it was raining and I was like, aduuiiii, habeslaaaaa.. Luckily I got my umbrella and then I grab my bag and mineral water, and I walk to faculty like usual. So I arrive at faculty exactly at 7.56am and my body automatically searching for a cooling place at “Meja McD” near the hallway to class. Report to my kangkong is a must and then next destination was BK 15.

Today Mr Saiful Farik, which was our lecturer for Document Imaging System was giving a briefing about document imaging system and the final project. After briefing, the selection process of project manager for this subject begin. And unfortunately I was choosen  and I don’t know why, I really blurr at that time. But after Mr Saiful says that you should be honor because your friend choose you. So I just accept that position without questioning. But the problem is, I don’t know they choose me because just for fun or any other reason but the way I look at it. It was an opportunity although it was full with challenge, but I was looking forward to make this project the best project ever. So I told myself, this gonna be fun and stop worrying, its gonna be ok. Exactly, I got my kangkong who was always support me, my dear friend who was also my assistant manager, steph, secretary, ct and treasurer, daia. For team assignment, we wont lose to anybody. Score it high for this last semester and graduate with proud.


So right now here I am, sitting at “bilik bacaan” like usual, waiting for zuhur and the next class at 2p.m,  blogging my heart content at this moment, and honestly, I really miss my kangkong, my home, my mother and brother. To my kangkong, I love you so much and right now I can’t send you some sms, my hp was totally blackout coz of low battery.  I hope you are not sulking right now and if you want to, I’ll “pujuk” you anyway, hihihihihi. Waaaahh, life is really so short, I wonder if I still can make it till tomorrow..So, live your life to the fullest, live without regret for the decision that you ever made, love your love one, tell them how much you love them, how much you miss them, coz tomorrow is future, yesterday was a past, and today is a gift, that’s why they call it “Present”..

For the one who was always wait for me without giving up, still loving me at any circumstances, missing me wherever I am, I want to tell you some magic secret..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. and yes, this was dedicated to you lasa, my beloved kangkong lenggang..I love you so much..