The Beginning..

Dark azs photo517My name is Abdul Aziz Nor, call me Ajis..Not Sudin yaa, sudin is the nickname of my kangkong..Im now 24 years old and I am facing the process of transformation in my life right now.  I didn’t expect to enter the working environment this fast, but Allah’s rezeki is everywhere. Well mine is a little different from what I expected, library officer? The very last thing on my mind, but since my lecturer, En Jeff encouraged me to take this challenge and start my career, so I took that challenge and move on.

Dark azs photo652

So here I am right now, renting a small room around KL and struggling to survive.  I start working at 20hb march exactly 1 day before my birthday, so this is kind of starting point for me actually. So this is my small room, and me, trying to survive this world, well my place that I rent here can be reach by bus from Lrt Universiti. So what I do every morning was, taking a bus to Universiti Lrt Station , and then hop on to Lrt to Ampang Park and serving lawyer(partner and associates) and chambering students (Lawyer Practical Student who will eventually become lawyer).

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Im still new in this Law field, but working a few days  make me learn something new everyday, about act/ statutes, law report, law journal, Lexis Nexis database, and so much more. Well, truthfully, when im still studying, I always think that librarian job is boring and facing books everyday, well here we are different. Servicing lawyer, knowing what they want, and retrieve it precisely and fast, was my job description. Especially when senior associates are requesting book or journal for their reference, I’ll have to rush for searching the particular book, photocopied the related article that they want, and bring it to them. Not only that, indexing job, sorting the new act and bind the as a book was also part of my job actually. But im still learning and still have a long way to go.

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Waaahh I really miss the time with my friends at Puncak Perdana, playing guitar together, singing along, watching movie altogether and so much more. But I guess my time already arrived, so I just move on, gain more experience, learning new things and aim for the good future. After working for a week, I have this own feeling, the feeling of “now I know how hard my parents work to raised me up and how precious the rm0.10 cents”. So my goal is, put aside my wish list, gather some money, and bring my parents to their hometown, well of course I’ll come along too. Because all of this year, my parents never feel vacation especially my mother. I know, she thought, when she raised her son, fulfilled their need, send them to school to educate them, even though she have to make a loan for them to feed them sacrificing her free time for them, at least they will remember how hard she was trying her best to fulfill their needs and raised them.

Dark azs photo640

But still, at this moment, she still have to work, in this very age, because her dream are not coming true just yet. I used to hear her saying when she were back at home from work, saying, I want to quit, I want to go home, to my sister, at least they care for me, im tired, for many years I sit in Pasar and what I get, nothing. That is the words that I usually hear and how do you expect my feeling was. I feels so sad, full of regret, always wondering when will I got a job, I want to make my mom happy. I want to take her to a place that she never been. I always think about all of my close relative, why? After those year, feeding them, raised them with love, send them to school, college, why? Is the words, hai mom, how are you? is very hard to spelled put? She never wanted any money from anyone, not as a mother, but they make she beg,  and she feel embarrassed, because the question like, “mom, do you need money?” is not necessary. If you realize your responsibility, then that question should never come out from any of their mouth. Im full of regret,  but that’s okay, just like my mother says, as long as they were happy with their family, is enough..

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Well my post already become lengthy, sorry for being emotional for so sudden, but everyone who stand in my shoes will feel the same feeling. Love your mother and father, even a simple hai is already sufficient for them to become happy because they know, you still remember them in your heart. So, don’t be like kacang lupakan kulit, remember who make you standing like you are right now.



Fettucini Carbonara..

Haii im back, with a recipe for you all, hihihihi..Introducing, Fettucini Carbonara, I found this recipe at First when I think of Italian food, I guess it must be hard to make it but after I try it for the first time, awesome!!! Easy as 1 2 3, hihihihi, now come on lets see what it takes to make this Fettucini Carbonara..

Ingredient/ Bahan-bahan:

– 1/2 bungkus Fettucini (Beli sume bahan2 ni kat Giant)

Dark azs photo620

– 1 Biji Bawang Besar

– 1 paket daging cincang RAMLY

-1 tin mushroom sup Campbell

Dark azs photo622

– 1 tin cendawan butang/ mushroom (Optional)

– 1/2 tin susu cair

– 50g kacang peas(I used the sayur cmpur)

– 1/2 sudu the serbuk lada hitam

– sedikit garam dan perisa

– minyak untuk menumis

Cara-cara menyediakan~

– Tumis bawang besar yang telah dipotong halus sehingga kekuningan dan layu..

DSC06883 (1)

– Masukkan daging cincang yg telah dibasuh dan toskan airnya. Then masak sehingga air daging kering dan daging menjadi empuk.


– Dalam masa yang sama, rebus fettucini dlm anggaran 10 min sehingga masak..(Ni la dapur bujang, sorry la messy sket)

Dark azs photo621

– Setelah daging kita sudah masak dan air daging sudah mengering, masukkan satu tin sup mushroom Campbell ni dan..


– Masukkan 1/2 tin susu cair tadi dan kacau sehingga sebati..Jika terlalu pekat, boleh masukkan sedikit air..Then kacau perlahan lahan.DSC06887

– Then masukkan kacang peas atau sayur cmpur, mushroom, serbuk lada hitam, garam dan serbuk perisa..Kacau..(kat bawah ni versi jaja)


– Dalam masa 30 min, Siap untuk dimakann~~Gmbr bwh yg ptama ni Fettucini Carbonara versi Jaja kat dlm blog dia tu..


– Yang ni versi Dark Azs plakk, kihkihkihkihkih

Dark azs photo624

Dark azs photo623

– Notes oleh Jaja dlm blog dia –

– Sape sape yg tak suka guna Sup Campbell tu, boleh terus guna sos PREGO jenis creamy carbonara tu..

– Notes oleh Dark Azs –

– Ni eksperimen pertama dan tak nampak berkrim langsung, dan daging dia kelihatan so tak nampak cam carbonara, cam carbonat ada laa(Surry my kangkong aku tiru ayatmu, Fettucini)

– Lagi satu failure Fettucini eksperimen pertama ni, errrr, kurang garam, hihihihihi, sape sape yg memakannya pasti akan merasa kegelapan..dan blari melulu ke dapur tuk mcapai sos tomato dan garam, ahahahahahahahahahahaa, anyway, selamat ber eksperimen!!!