1 April..


Sorry its been too long since then..A lots of things happen, but it is common and usual, you know..routine stuff..except for getting busy more and more, I often call the exam as a war, becoz we are really in a war, with ourself..Fighting to awaken our true potential from lazyness, from everythings..However, in the past month, I mean the month that I’ve been born..March..A lot of things happen in that month..

love_is____appreciation__by_hjstory-d30yhxhNot only the good things, but bad things do occur..its all about love, about life, and about ourself..With love, dishonest, lack of trust, and a lot of aspect really can kill love. This phenomenon really happen to my close friend, here. In my way of thought, being in love is not simply for, you know, for fun, for “requirement”, for showing off, and so on. It is the first phase for us to learn, how to be responsible, how to control everything in us, patience, anger, sad, and every human emotion that all of us can ever think of. Its also teach us the various of things, learning how to understand each other, put ourselves in each others shoes, handle with emotion, how to be a good listener, and so on. For me, that is my perception when we love someone. For example, look at my big bro, both of them. They love their couple, loving each other, get married, having a son, and facing all of the trouble together, although it is not as simple as talking or writing like this, but that is love..Commitment, serious, this relationship is not as simple as we think. At the time we were alone, far away from our couple, starting to get bored, lonely and so on, we will start thinking of, “I better find someone, you know, just for fun, my girlfriend wouldn’t know. After im done, im gonna ditch her..”


That’s is mostly what we always face in this days. Just for fun, for fun and for fun. We didn’t think the consequences of our act, we didn’t put ourselves in their shoes. Now lets try to put ourselves in theirs..When we found out our beloved one with someone else, happily ever after, looking at us like we don’t exist in his eyes, like the relationship never exist at all. Now feel it, and then think. Is it hurt? Being fooled by the others? Is it common? Is it cool? Is it FUN? Well im not qualify for all of this, but as a human, a man, this is my perception..Before we are doing some things which we may regret for, think twice, or don’t do it at all. Good partner in life are really hard to find, believe me, I know. But when we had it, some of people still unsatisfied for what they already have. What more that we wanted? What else? In the earlier phase in relationship, of course we have a desire in our selves, me as a man also included. We want to hold our couple’s hand, we want to take her to watch late movie, gazing the star together, walking to nowhere together, and so on, like in the romance movie that we always dream of.

love_is____hiding_together__by_hjstory-d31qqgdHey im being honest here, I also want to do all of that, but please, awake..awake from that dream, that is really unreal. In our country, our family have a dignity, maruah, and we, as a Malaysian, known by all, with our kindness in our heart, our morality, sopan santun, berbudi pekerti. Of course we can do all of that, but in reality, it is very wrong. We still have Allah swt, our religion, we have our own lines that we need to keep stay out of it. Do not ever step out of the line, because when you do, lu pikir la sendiri..So, some man keep using this as excuse to find another spare tire, not all of them of course.They said, “susah lah, ini tak bleh, itu tak bleh, nak keluar malam tak bleh, nak pegang tangan susah, ini susah, itu susah, rimaslah..Baik cari seseorang yang boleh buat semua tuh, boleh bawa keluar jalan jalan, pegang2 tangan and so on, lagi best..”But do you realize who is talking when you are really thought of this matter, it is not you anymore, its your nafsu, Nafs..So when you do thinking of this, think back..Why do you want her, to be your life partner? To be your fun couple? To be your “Touch n Go” partner? Choose wisely..And think deeply, what are our desire actually.


Well im saying this also for myself, as a reminder, there is a lot of things that happens around me, and I intend to make all of it as a life lesson,as a reminder. And of course, sharing is caring. I care for you, so that’s why I share. So, still wondering what I am trying to say? Well don’t, it is simple and easy. Just think it is, like this. All of us do want a muslimah, or wanita solehah to be our wife right? Well, of course she must be kind, can take care of us whenever we cant, caring, and loving us. But ask our selves, are we deserve it? Look at our self, are we ready enough?Are we good enough? Because, relationship, marriage, is not as simple like in the movie, or in the novel..Love ourselves before we love the other, when we do that, we will learn a lot of things believe me, not only love, but respect as well, responsibility, patience, and all..But of course, we are not a perfect being, we are just human, from clay, earth, given a soul/ roh and walking in this earth finding our reason to live..We are made each other, to complete each other, to walk in His path, leading to His path, and of course, aiming for redhaNya, insyaAllah.


I really don’t know why I writing this entry, but, I just feel like it, sometime He want to test us, with a lot of obstacle in life, just to make sure we are back to Him again, praying for help, for guidance, for our weaknesses, becoz it is already our nature. Whenever we feel unable to do anything regardless to the problem we faced, kita tawakkal, and give the rest to Allah swt. We pray for peace in our heart, that’s why He give us the test, to make us realize the purpose of us living and walking in this very earth, the purpose of our existence, for what purpose you say? To be the loyal servant to Him, because that is us, our real selves.  Well I guess, that’s all for tonight, enough with blabbering and night walking, get back to sleep, but keep it in mind, our experience is our teacher..Life lesson is an enhancement to our humanity, to improve ourselves, to be a better person in the future, insyaAllah..


Michael Buble–Home

Michael Buble–Home

Another summer day
Has come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

May be surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
“I’m fine baby, how are you?”
Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that

Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky, I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I’ve got to go home
Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

And I feel just like I’m living someone else’s life
It’s like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right
And I know just why you could not
Come along with me
‘Cause this was not your dream
But you always believed in me

Another winter day has come
And gone away
In even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

And I’m surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
Oh, let me go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I’ve had my run
Baby, I’m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all be all right
I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home


P/S: I miss ma home, ma mum, and ma kangkong, miss them soo much dT . Tb

Today is not History, its Mystory and Herstory..d^^,b


Today is really a special day actually, a lil bit historical, memorable, unforgettable and embarrassing event which happen in my life storyline..Maybe its just a plain story for some people but, for me its really change my life forever..Well, this is the day that I met my Kangkong after all of the journey for almost many years..Actually I met her a long time ago, first I seen her when I was still a kids, and we are at the same class together, she is the bright girl in my class, a lil bit shy and silent, yet so genius..For your information, we were at the same school since at S.R.J.K (c) Cheng Min, we were barely close at that time, just a hi hi bye bye friend, just like when we met, hi sal, bye sal…Yeahh just like that. Love is a strange things isn’t? It’s a lil bit nostalgic actually, but im sure miss that old days..

gambar aziz 5

gambar aziz 8

gambar aziz 9

Then we grew up together, but still, not as close as right now, and I was continue finding my lost identity and so was she..We enter the S.M.K St Michael together, at form 1, we were at the same class together, hihihihihi. Its funny actually, seeing her wearing tudung at the first tym, but yeahh she did it until this very moment, syukur alhamdulillah. And then form 2-3 we were separated and then united again under form 4A until 5A, and yes, I was still searching for her at that time although she is really in front of my eyes..I was trying to find someone but I failed, so I ignore this feeling and continue to live on just like usual. Yet we were so close, seeing each other everyday, hi hi and bye bye every single day..Then after finished SPM, once again we were entering the same school for Form 6 at SMK Muhibbah but in the different class. But then she got offer from government to work for them at Hospital Kinabatangan, then she let go Form6 and accept that offer.

DSCN2510For me, life goes on after that, still searching and keep on searching, continue life like usual, with help from all of my jingkil’s friend, I managed to live this life wildly and happily..You know, goin crazy and stuff, just like the normal kids..But then one day, I met her actually, at the Sandakan Town, yupz..that’s my birth place..First I met her, I saw her walking alone but I didn’t greet her cuz I thought she was in a hurry or sumthing cuz she really didn’t saw me at that time..At that time, tetiber jew aku bermonolog sensorang, ehh itu c sal laa, tia sangka dapat jumpa lagik dea..But that’s was just my feeling, you know, just like missing the old friend. But the second time I met her, this time it was sumthin inside, sumthing unexplainable..This time I met her with her mother, walking at the town, maybe goin out for shopping..So I say hi sal, long tym no see, you know..the same conversation routine, but deep in me, its actually sumthing already..I don’t why but yes, its dup dap dup dap..Then after that small talk, I continue to walk to Pasar to meet my mum actually, there’s sum bisnes but I already forgot what it is.

DSCN2518 (2)Then, on my way going home, to the bus station, I met her and her mother again, what a coincidence..Then as usual, ehh kao lagik, hihihihihiihi..Back at home, suddenly I feel..emm..like missing to talk to her again, I don’t why but its started there..Ohyaa, I forgot to tell you, at that time, I was already at UiTM, semester 3 maybe. And then you know, information disseminate very fast with FB, I saw her profile and I add her as friend, and so we starting to contacting each other by facebook, first by commenting her photo, I still remember that photo, wawawawawa. You know how was I at that time, a teaser and a bully, just like to teasing with sum funny words, then I created this name for her, “Kangkong Lenggang”. Why kangkong lenggang you ask? Suka ati aku laa, wawawawawawa, then she call me Kobez yg begulik gulik, ahahahahahahaha, and that name was embedded in our relationship till this very moment, ahahahahahahahahahaha..Cinta sayur sayuran, says one of my friend, hikhikhikhik..

DSCN2559But we still not official just yet, I mean our relationship, not until this day, back at that previous year, exactly at 8pm sumthin, I say those magic words to her, digitally, through Yahoo Messenger.. You know, that 3 magic words..well of course maybe some of you will says, that is not gentleman, you should face to face with her, but we were so far from each other, I am here, at Shah Alam, and she is at Kinabatangan, Sabah, well this is the only way, better than letter perhaps..Responds? well, ask her, hihihihihihi. Maybe she taught I was playing or just teasing her like always at that time, but she didn’t know how hard I am to say those words, then I told her to wait for me until I finish my meeting with my team at that time, you know, assignment stuff..And after I comeback, surprisingly, she really wait for me at YM, well, I told myself at that time, I really have to say it, otherwise I gonna lose her forever..

DSCN2638Well you see, love only come once in your life, once you let it go, its really hard to make it come again, if it did comeback, its not the same anymore..So I said it, and then her answer change our life together..Well that is my story, there so much blank page to write, and our journey still so far away. This gift from Allah swt, this feeling, rasa rindu nih, rasa sayang, rasa cinta, semuanya kurniaanNya. I still remember one very important question that I ask her, last year I recall, I ask her this..Do you know, in my heart, you were in which place? tempat 1? tempat 2? tempat 3? tempat 4? Then surprisingly her answer is correct and yes, even in her heart, I was in fourth place too..So what is first place you ask? 1. Allah swt, 2. Nabi Muhammad s.a.w 3. Ibu dan Bapa, and then there is me and her at the fourth place. And today is our anniversary, to my kangkong lenggang, if you read this, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..d^^,b

kangkong lenggang

3P di sana sinunnn d^^,b part 1


Ntah nape malam nih tangan trasa gatal nak bukak pic2 lama kat pc nih, tetiber jumpe pic sewaktu keja dengan Prestariang masa dulu dulu, nostalgik sangat2..Ingat lagi masa first interview, abang aku sebenarnya yang merekomenkan keje ne untuk aku masa cuti semester tahun 2009, sebelum semester yang kedua tue habis, abang aku suruh aku call bos dier kat prestariang dulu untuk cari keje part time, then aku pon call laa en Azhar tue, alhamdulillah kebetulan Ajau (nama panggilan en Azhar) masa tue nak cari admin exec tuk team dia kat UMS Sabah.


Ohya lupa nak perkenalkan 3P ni ape, 3P stands for Program Pentauliahan Professional, which is a very good program indeed. This program really produced a lot of undergraduate with extra multitasking skill and softskill. Program nih memang mendapat banyak sambutan di UMS, dan pada pendapat saya sendiri, student yang terpilih sepatutnya lebih menghargai program program seperti ini kerana ini untuk kebaikan mereka juga. 15732_205542624793_732079793_3177785_3146438_nAntara prgram program yang ditawarkan dalam masa sebulan tuh ialah Microsoft ASP. Net, which is taught by Mr Bambang fanny indarto, and Mr Adriyunus from Indonesia, adobe flash by Mr Iim Rustandi, adobe dreamweaver by Ms Puspa, also from Indonesia,Microsoft SQL by Mr Tekad Matulatan, Network + by Mr Patrick and Mr Sivaneshan,  all of them is really pro as a trainer and at the same time, mesra gituu..Well, all of us have a great time at KK together, imagine, we live at the Hotel Grand Borneo for almost 2 months, which is fully sponsored by Prestariang, syukur alhamdulillah..Pengalaman pertama dan pengalaman yang paling menyeronokkan.


Just imagine, waking up in a expensive hotel room, everyday, and having breakfast at that hotel too,and its free!! which is very cool and awesome..But in a long period of time, making that as a routine in daily life also make us feel boring. 15732_205542559793_732079793_3177776_4168959_nBut that is not the main point here, working with prestariang, well, changes my life a little. There is many experience that I gain from the workfield, especially when working along with the best technician at UMS, Mohd Saifuddin Sairin, a very talented guy that I ever met, well he is the one who teach me a little things with networking and so on. Hoping to met him at KK, and learning new things again, hahahahaha..


Well, ilmu tidak akan pernah mencukupi walau sepanjang mana usia kita sekalipon. At the worksite, I also learn to enhance my softskill, you know, communicating with people, which is really my weaknesses. Well, my boss, Ajau, train me at that whole month, everyday, to gain more confidence in myself. Actually im very in a large debt with Ajau, he is just like my master, my guru and my boss..He teach me lot from a lot of aspect..From work to spiritual enhancement, aku banyak mendalami ilmu agama sewaktu bekerja dengan 3P nih, that’s why its change me a lot. Syukur alhamdulillah I am what I am right now.












Syukur dipanjatkan ke atas Ilahi, alhamdulillah, proses temuramah telah berjalan lancar dengan jayanya. Log perjalanan: Kelas A&I start jam 2pm, ader presentation, kitorang second presenter, then kitorang mintak permission kat Puan Suriana tuk keluar awal untuk projek Oral History, Alhamdulillah beliau izinkan dan kitorang keluar jam 3.45pm dan sempat menyeludup keluar zana, wawawawawawa, takpe laaa, takde pembelajaran gak, presentation jew..

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Then aku ngan daia pon g laa bus stop, tunggu abang teksi yg daia dah tempah tuh, mulanya tunggu lame, pastuh call abg tuh, dier off hp plak, aku skali miscall krdt aku tinggal 8sen, then c daia miscall berkali kali, sampai nek tensen kitorang..Kitorang tpaksa gune plan B, tunggu bas ke Giant, then naik teksi kat sana..Tapi dugaan melanda lagi, kali nih, kitorang tunggu sejam setengah kat bus stop tuh, akhirnyer sampai jugak bas jam 5 lebih camtuh, dah nak jam 6 kot, sampai kat Giant gerenti dah jam 6 lebih dah..

Gorillaz___Group_image_by_2DarkThen kitorang pon melilau carik teksi kat Giant tuh, alhamdulillah dapat jumper pacik teksi yg sorang nih, kitorang gamble jew naik teksi tuh, walaupon pacik teksi tuh cam blurr2 tengok alamat rumah Tuan Haji Mukhtar Ramli kat area Subang tuh, dalam hati doa jew, so kitorang adventure ngan pacik teksi tuh laaa, alhamdulillah sampai jugak kami ke tempat yg dituju, masa dah mnunjukkan pukul 7 lebih, dah terlewat daripada jadual asal, appointment kitorang sepatutnyer jam 5pm tapi tlajak sampai jam 7lebih, mmg kitorang malu arr sebab tak punctual, padahal baru jew ikot modul n dengar ceramah pasal punctuality..

Tuan Haji tuh dah tunggu dah depan pintu umah dier, lantas mempelawa kami berdua masuk dan menjemput aku untuk solat asar kat umah dier, sebab aku tak sempat solat asar tadik. Bas n teksi punyer pasal laa, aiyooo..Be_careful_by_antontangAlhamdulillah lepas menunaikan solat asar, Tuan Haji tanpa berlengah lengah lagi terus memberitahu kami untuk memulakan temuramah kerana kami dah terlewat dari jadual asal. Then kami pon memulakan temuramah tersebut, awal nyer biasa biasa jew, tapi biler dah masuk bahagian pengalaman dier mase kat Arkib Sabah dahulu, aku dah makin excited dah, pengalaman beliau sememangnya amat berharga dan berbaloi kami memlih beliau sebagai tokoh OH kami, memang kami merasa puas hati laa walaupun tape/ kaset meragam dan mbuat bunyi bising dan handphone aku yg aku gunakan untuk merakam video temuramah tuh habis bateri..

Kepada awek aku yg baca nih, aku minta maaf sangat2 sebab tak mesej atau call sebab tak dapat, bateri kong mase tuh..Ini lah jugak antara dugaan2 hari ini yg kami lalui, tapi banyak ilmu dan informasi yg kami extract daripada Tuan Haji Mukhtar Ramli, dan banyak informasi yang kami dapat membantu dalam pelajaran kami, sebab semuanya berkaitan dengan rekod dan pengurusan nyer, real experience..


So overall, kitorang puas sangat2, tinggal nak siapkan transkrip lagi nih, aku walaupun penat baru balik, aku masih terkesan lagi dengan temubual tadi tuh, kitorang habis temubual tuh dalam jam 9 lebih, dekat jam 10pm, then tunggu pacik teksi tuh datang jempot kitorang, sampai jam 11pm, then pacik tuh pon datang, syukur sekali lagi, alhamdulillah kitorang berdua beruntung sangat2 pacik teksi tuh datang, syukur alhamdulillah…Kalu tak, tpakse tido kat pondok pengawal tuh sampai esok pagi, aduhai, nasib baikkk..Tuh jew laaa log perjalanan kitorang hari nih, we are so satisfy for what we have done so far, credit to Khaty@ Khadeeja yg memperkenalkan kitorang dengan Tuan Haji Mukhtar Ramli, alhamdulillah..


Left for dead..

This is not the PC games left 4 dead stuff alrite? its just a words that I feel right at this moment..Left for dead..Ditinggalkan untuk mati..of_stars_and_moon_craters_by_isip_bataYupz, tonite is very..emm..I don’t know how to express this feelings, lonely?? emm..Silent??ehhhh, Missing someone? yeaah that’s a bit right too..I don’t know man, something happen lately..like a lot..and my head didn’t functioning very much..I really don’t want to keep angry at all the time, I want to smile like always, coz it’s the only way I feel much alive than before..But situation that I got into..I really don’t know how to write this things here..But, I want to remind my self about some old saying..”Ada 2 perkara yang wajib kita ingat ingatkan, dan ada 2 perkara yang wajib kita lupakan..2 perkara yang wajib kita ingat ingatkan ialah 1. Dosa kita terhadap seseorang dan juga 2. Jasa baik/ kebaikan yang orang lain pernah buat kat kita…2 perkara yang wajib kita lupakan ialah  1. Kebaikan yang pernah kita lakukan kepada seseorang dan jugak 2. Dosa/ keburukan yang orang lain pernah buat kat kita..”

I really love this old quote, its remind me how to forgive and smile..But sometime how hard I try to forgive, my heart keeps sulking and say no, I don’t know why this is happening to me, I just want to be happy..I really hate to see that satans laughing at me while watching me angry..my_vision_satan_by_gordototeIn Islam belief, When a person is angry, a satan will come closer to him/her and persuade him/her to angry more while laughing..This is because anger is the main door in our heart which accessible by satan and its only accessible when we are angry..I guess we should put some swipe card authentication to prevent unauthorized satan from entering our heart..How to?? I know some old method, and its 100% working, but sometime for some person, its hard to apply it (susah nak amal)..

What izzit??hihihihihihihi, its so easy actually..After solat/ prayer, whether its sunat or wajib, amalkan Subhannallah x33, Alhamdulillah x33 and lastly Allahuakhbar x33, well you can add on some more powerful zikir after that such as Lailahaillallah x33.. Well for someone who seek forgiveness from Allah swt should add on Astagfirullahalazhim x33..Well, before sleeping, we also can apply this zikir, amek wudhu first, then go to your bed, you can sit in a comfortable position, then zikir… and then try to sleep, insyaAllah you’ll feel great in the next morning..don’t forget to read doa before sleep and after sleeping too alrite? Coz not everyday we will have a chance to wake up like usual..


And I also read some artikel at Solusi, a very islamic fun reading magazine actually, which says that, carilah 70 alasan sebelum kamu membenci/ marah kepada seseorang, dan jika kamu masih marah, salahkan hati kamu sendiri..First when I read this article I says wowww!! This is interesting, as I read more and more, rupa rupanya, pada zaman sahabat2 nabi dulu, sebelum dan selepas kewafatan Nabi junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, para sahabat ini, sebelum memperkatakan ataupun membincangkan sesuatu tentang sesuatu yang mereka tidak pasti, mereka akan berfikir panjang2 dahulu sebelum berkata kata, kadangkala sampai memakan masa berhari hari..Means what??


Well it’s a moral lesson actually, before we speak something, and before we express something, we need to THINK..Izzit true? izzit worth it? can I hurt others with this kind of speech? Izzit necessary? Why I need to? Think before you says something, just like the old malay saying, Terlajak Perahu, walaupun takde gear box, buleh reverse jugak, tapi terlajak kata, padahnya lu sendiri pikiaq laa..Or Metropolitan sayings, “Sebab mulut badan binasa, sebab mulut jugak nasik habis..”well its pretty true..So, kesimpulannyaa, sometime, we made mistakes, sometime its unforgivable, Teda maaf bagimu..some says..But when we do, I mean, its really our mistakes, apologizes, but even if its not our mistakes, apologizes too, its worth it you know, no need for that ego, coz kalu nak turutkan ego dan keras kepala, sampai ke liang lahad masih lagi saling membenci..When that’s happen, well, as your feet reach the padang masyar..Take a good look at yourself, and ask yourself, izzit worth it? Just for some really small matter? Izzit? well, its already to late, when we are already at that place..


Tetiber teringat Dr Haliza plak, tadi kan aku lewat masuk kelas, Sleeping issues, lewat giler giler laa, tapi dok gagahkan hati jugak pergi ke kelas, then Dr just look at me while smiling, why are you late? and I says, lambat bangunlaa puan, then she replied with a bit smile in her face, “Better late than never..” Biar terlewat, daripada tak datang langsung..Well, at that time, I say to myself, this things cannot happen anymore..Its torturing me inside..I really have to work this out, I mean my sleeping issues..Ehh, where were we? dah jauh tersesat nih, apepon, to all my friend out there who read this, im so sorry, deep from my heart, I don’t want to gadoh2, I apologize for all the things that I’ve done, I didn’t mean it, even if I look like angry, I really didn’t meant it, I swear..I love all my friend, and I don’t want to gadoh2..Becoz to me, if I really want to gadoh, its better to gadoh with each of us holding weapon, and kill each other, becoz when we die, we will not see each other face anymore, before reaching Padang Masyar..So, I sincerely apologize, forgive me, I promise, I try not to do it again..And lastly but not least, Think before you speak, Apologize, and Smile, think +ve coz theres nothing to be angry about..Its all in our heart, ALL IZ WELL, ALL IZ WELL, ALL IZ WELL..


Oittt, dah March???

Nih laa tajuk perbualan aku ngan awek aku smalam, tapi bukan tuh yg aku nak critaa, biler dah masuk bulan mac nih, bagi aku, byk peristiwa bersejarah dalam bulan nih, antaranyaa 20hb, 21hb dan 22hb, hihihihihihi, tahu tak ape maksud 3hari nih? 20hb nih, ialah hari dimana aku meluahkan perasaan cinta aku kat awek aku, miss kangkong lenggang, hikhikhikhikhikhikhik, bapak merah tlinga aku tym tuh, wawawawawa, nasib bek laa awek aku nih terima aku gak, kalu tak, ntahlah kat maner lagi aku nak cari tulang rusuk aku nih, awek aku kate, tuh kat pasar tuh banyak kangkong macik tuh jual, aku slamber jew laa cakap, kangkong lenggang macik tuh tarak jual, satu jew kat universe nih, lagipon archivist pentingkan uniqueness and authenticity, pastuh awek aku gerenti jawab, ngellehh, tanam tebu di tepi bibir, wawawawawawa.. 21hb nih plak, hari dimana mak aku melahirkan aku kedunia nih, dan 22hb, aku didaftarkan ke hospital dan mak aku amek surat kelahiran aku tym tuh..Jadi, baru tahu? Jom ramai2, OOoohhh Baruu Tahuuu..

Dark azs photo2150

3/3/2011, emmm, hari ini hari yg best, tahu tak nape? Tadi kelas cancel, yuhuuuuuoooiii, tapi petang ade klass arrr, kihkihkihkihkihkih…Ingatkan tadi dapat jumpa Dr Haliza nak serahkan soalan OH tuh, tapi dier takde, alahaiiii. Harap2 soalan tuh dapat setel minggu ni jugak, cepat sket siap interview kitorang, yg lain dah siap dah, Khaty n Meera dah siap, ayoyaiii, jeles giler ngan diorang nih. Bulan nih saje, siapkan video mandarin, dokumentari, siapkan assignment incik ARA, Puan Maz n Transkrip OH Dr Haliza, bila fikirkan smua nih, tetiber aku rasa ngantokkk, adoiiii, tolonglaahh, baru jew bangun jam 9am tadi, dah ngantok lagi..Demn..

Dark azs photo2154

Gmbr sbelah nih sijil tamat psekolahan aku kat Chengmin dulu2, kenal tak muka tuh? Kihkihkihkihkihkih, unbelievable? I also didn’t believe it, wawawawawa..Eh, sabtu nih aku ingat nak g umah abg aku arr, nak amek buku mandarin..Eh baru aku tringat, Assignment library lagik, adoiiiii, Evaluating 5book, Indexing and Abstracting, aku bertambah ngantok bila dok pikiaq esaimen2 yg melampau2 nih, ape nak jadi ngan aku nih, k arrr, gonna take nap for half hour, wake me up at 1pm..

Measuring Search Effectiveness (Indexing+Abstracting)

Today in class, we learn sumthing more complicated things than any boring stuff which is always all about terms and definition..Introducing..Jeng jeng jeng…PRECISION and RECALL..Maybe some of the readers will thought/ says: what da TUuuuuutt is PRECISION and RECALL is all about??? Nandekureyooooo??(Dengan muka berkerut sambil bepeluh dingin)

1Well basicly Precision and Recall are the basic measures used in evaluating search strategies..Based on the pictures on the left, these measure assume that there is a set of records in the databes which is relevant to the search topic..Irrelevant topic tuh macam kalu kita search kat incik google tentang Bahaya merokok..tapi tetibe jew keluar result Tanda Bahaya, Bahaya semasa pembedahan dan sebagainyaa, result2 yg diproduce kan oleh incik google yang tidak relevant dengan apa yg kita cari tuh ialah irrelevant records/ info? Arrasoooo??

2Recall is the ratio of the number of relevant records
retrieved to the total number of relevant records in the
database. It is usually expressed as a percentage.

3Then what is PRECESION?? PRECESION is the ratio of the number of relevant records retrieved to the total number of irrelevant and relevant records retrieved. It is usually expressed as a percentage.


RECALL and PRECESION are inversely related, how so?? Meh tgk gambarajah bawah ni..


Korang faham kew tak paham nih? asyik angguk angguk geleng geleng cam ahli fikir jew..Sudah, tetiber masuk graph plak, nampak tak tuh, as recall increasing, precision will go down, and as recall go down, precision goin up..Takder, camni crita nyaa, kan indexer ataupon descriptor nih slalu mengambil term2 didalam buku2 tertentu dan diletakkan di dalam index dengan berpandukan vocabulary control atau bahan2 yang sewatu dengannya, dan kemudian memudahkan user untuk mencari bahan tersebut di dalam OPAC kew, atau yang sewaktu dengannya…Pastuh, ape kaitan nyaa dengan recall n precision plakk?? tunggu sat, biar aku bagi contoh, emm, cthnyaa, aku nak cari buku bertajuk Domestic Cats..akan tetapi indexer yg bertugas untuk letak index tuk Domestic Cats nih pandai pandai jew tukar Domestic Cats ke CATS sahaja, malas punyer pasal laa tuh, spertimana yg anda tahu, CATS adalah terlalu general, bilamana anda carik CATS kat opac atau pun incik google, tentu sahaja menghasilkan result yg melampau banyak nyaa, akibatnyaa, information overload laa..So gambarajah nih, sebenarnyaa menerangkan, semakin spesifik indexer tuh meletakkan terms2 nyaa, semakin mudah lah korang nak retrieve benda ape yg korang nak…

nak contoh lagi tak?? Nih contoh kedua yg Puan Suriana bagitau tadi..Contoh laa, anda ingin mencari calon isteri anda, first thing first, anda mesti mempunyai ciri2 khas yang anda kehendaki, atau pon requirement2 yang anda perlu..First, anda kata, saya nak isteri yang cantik, enter, poppp!! Keluar result 10,000 result kat incik google, then anda kata lagi, saya nak isteri yang cantik macam siti nurhaliza, poopppp!! keluar dalam 500result jew, then anda kata lagi, saya nak isteri yg mata sepet, ade spm, muke cam angelina jolie bla bla bla blaa, then pop out plak 10result..nampak tak? semakin spesifik carian anda, semakin senang anda nak dapatkan informasi yang anda nak..So maknanya, semakin spesifik seseorang indexer tuh dalam meletakkan term2, smakin senang/ mudahlaa user nak cari/ access bahan tuh..

Ini lahh yg puan suriana criter tadi masa kat kelas, ade lagi sumthing about exhausitivity and jugak sumthing about ntah laaa, nih jew yang aku ingat, so, nak tau lebih lanjut, meh ikuti kelas Puan Suriana kat Lab 5, jam 2pm, Indexing and Abstracting..alahai, esok subject heading plakk, tabahkan hatiku, dan semoga Allah swt permudahkan segalanyaa, amin..ohyaa, untuk maklumat lebih lanjut, anda jugak bleh melayari https://www.creighton.edu/fileadmin/user/HSL/docs/ref/Searching_-_Recall_Precision.pdf

O.H (Oral History) Part 1

Tetibe jew trasa nak buat entry tentang O.H nih, hari tuh aku lupe nak catitkan tentang perkenalan pertama dengan tokoh yang kami pilih (Aku n Daia), pada 11haribulan 2, 2011, tepat jam 3.01pm aku menelefon Tuan haji Mukhtar Ramli, azstokoh yang kami pilih untuk final projek Oral History ni. Sememangnya aku agak kecut gak laa masa first tym call tuh, sebab mcm2 info yg aku baca kat blog blog n internet tentang tokoh kitorang nih, tapi selepas beberapa minit berborak dengan beliau, ehhh, pramah jugak Tuan Haji nih, aku bermonolog dalam hati, kihkihkihkihkih, nasib bek Tuan Haji tak garang, kalau tak, memang aku cakap salah nombor jew terus, wawawawawa, tapi everything berjalan dengan lancar, sempat lagi laa bertanyakan tentang masa2 free beliau untuk proses interview nanti, malangnyaa beliau hanya free pada hari isnin, dari jam 11am to 2pm, uhuk uhuk uhuk, aku ngan daia ade kelas sbenarnyaa jam 2pm tuh, takpe, kitorang try jelaskan kat Puan Suriana(Lecturer kelas Indexing+Abstracting dan jugak Subject Heading) nanti.

Then, beberapa hari kemudian, setelah tiada tindakan lanjut yg diambil oleh aku sendiri, boss aku c daia nih telah pon buat kajian tentang soalan2 dan sempat pulak pinjam 5 buku tebal sbagai reference utk soalan interview, aku dah rasa bersalah laa plak, sebab masa tuh aku takde, aku g karok ngan steph, ct, mica n gmah..pastuh biler soalan dah siap, kitorang plan nak hantar kat Dr Haliza hari nih jam 9am, tup tup tup tlajak sampai jam 10.27am, adeeiiiii, aku mmg tlopong laa tym tuh, dalam hati aku, gerenti daia marah giler2 kat aku, lepas msg2 tuh, perggghh memang kaw2 aku kene, padan muka aku, uhuk uhuk uhuk..


Aku tau aku salahh sebab terlajak tido..aku tak sengaja..then baca fb jew, baru aku tau yg boss aku nih pon dalam dilema jugak dgn bf dier, ade masalah dalaman, kene plak aku buat masalah lagi, mmg hangin satu badan arr boss aku nih bila dipendek kan crita, adooiii, aku serik untuk terlajak tido lagi..Itu saja laa untuk hari nih, maybe esok insyaAllah kalu tak terlajak, aku try kaji 5 buku tuh n update sikit soalan then hantar kat Dr Haliza, kitorang dah ketinggalan nih, adoyaiii..apepon, PEACE no WAR…NOKTAH.


Another Sabtuday story..

DSC02617First of all, sorry coz lama tak update blog nih, banyak benda yg tlah berlaku sejak 2menjak nih..Assignment berlambak punyer pasal laa. Well, Wetworld adventure salah satunya kenangan best dalam beberapa minggu kebelakangan ni, and I still so tanned until now.. Tak pecaya? tgk sebelah ni, betol takk..Sabo ajelaahhh..Adventure Wetworld tuh buleh kira tak boring jugak laa sebab member member ade same kat situ..Tapi kalu sorang sorang jew memang laa boring siott. Tapi bagi yang dah berkeluarga tuh, Wetworld Shah Alam nih memang sesuai laa, sebab tempat dia memang khas untuk budak2, tak merbahaya sangat, cuma ibu bapa kena selalu awasi anak diorang laa, takot kena culik ke ape ke. Crowded sangat2 lebih lebih lagi hari sabtu dan ahad. Jadik Wetworld 1Malaysia laa nampaknyaa, macam2 adaaaa..Apepon, kengkawan sumer enjoy, aku sendiri enjoy, kalah budak2 kat situ..Member member pompuan terdiri daripada diorang2 nih..yang lelaki nya sorang jew laa, aku laa hero nyer.


Ni laa rombongan rombongan ke Wetworld Shah Alam hari tuh, Helmi nak ikot tapi dier ade problem sikit, kalu tak tentu lebih meriah sebab lelaki ade 2 orang, but what to do..First tym kelua ramai2 camni ngan diorang nih, biasenyer keluar ngan team2 aku jew, c steph, daia ngan ct..Tapi kali ni ade kelainan cket..Takpe, lagi ramai lagi meriah..Kemudian berarak lah kitorang ke Wetworld dengan macam2 ragam, sampai saje kat sana, simpan barang2 kat loker, aku , steph ngan ozzy pon terus sliding dengan bergaya nyaa ke kolaamm, arrrrggghhhh.. Best gaklaaa, ahahahahahahahaha..


Kepada extremis extremist d luar sana, nak bende2 yang extreme, Wetworld Shah Alam bukan laa tempat yang sesuai, sebab nyer air dier sampai paras lutut jew, untuk kanak2 jew sbnrnyer..Tapi kitorang nih, air cetek skali pon memang kene selam jugak, wahahahahahahahahahaha, pantang jumpe air kan, tuh laa pasal..menyelam sampai perot cecah ke dasar, wahahahahahahaha, kelakar betol, kihkihkihkihkihkih..




VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Nih laa dia serba sdikit gambar gambar masa kat Wetworld tuh, ok laaa jugak, cuma hasilnyaa..emmm…sampai sekarang still sunburn kat seluruh badan, ayoyoyo…Nasib baik awek aku masih menerima aku seadanyaa, wawawawawawa. Beruntung tau sape sape ade awek yang dapat menerima anda seada nya, jadi hargailaa mereka alrite..Sempat pulak tuh bagi ceramah, ahahahahahahahahahaha, anyway, sape2 yang dah berkeluarga tuh, bawaklah keluarga dan anak2 ke Wetworld nih 150220113705untuk bersantai dan rekreasi di hujung minggu..Overall memang ok laa, takde penyesalan dan berbaloi rm12 tuh. Penat takyah kira laa, tgk laa wajah wajah kitorang nih, Gmah sampai bersila kat lantai dah, aku dah tertido dah kat sini, penah sehh brenang dan menyelam, aiyoyoooo. Rasa nyaa, kalau teruskan menyelam tak henti henti cam kat wetworld tuh setiap hari, buleh jadi kurus aku, hakhakhakhakhakhakhakhakhakhak…