Best Weekend Ever d^^,b

Indeed, the best weekend ever coz its convocation week, ohh yeaaahh, wassuppp beloved reader! Every beginning have their own ending, but my beginning was just begun. 15 May which was my convocation day is another phase in my life, other may call it freedom, some call it rewards, and I call it memories. Family coming and celebrate, taking picture, proud inside, feeling appreciated and  creating historical memory together as family.




I’m very happy and grateful that my big bro and my father can attend this special occasion. My mom and my kangkong can’t make it to my convo day but that’s okay, they were always here, in my heart. Still feels I just registered to UiTM yesterday and now I am a graduate. I also very glad that 4 of us make it altogether, I was imagined it before and it become reality. Alhamdulillah, our team’s hard work, commitment, sacrifice, and endless contribution was paid off. To my best friend, Nur Hidayah Mujilan, Stephanie Jaimi, and Ct Noriza M Yatim, thank you for every memories, and for everything, without all of you, I will not be standing here. For all the mistakes that I’ve done, unnecessary anger, and every uncomfortable things that I’ve done, I’m so sorry. Human being will not stop from making mistakes.






478916_3507655694117_1353542737_33039440_1634658118_oIts so great when seeing other friends already found their dream job, but for those who still searching for it, such as me, keep looking, maybe your “rezeki” is far more better than you expected, insyaAllah. Keep praying and work hard alrite, same reminder for me. After the convo day, the next day was another working day and I was surprise by my boss, kak As. She said, here is your convo present, handed me over a check with RM550 value and a form, I was like, what?

463546_3507816258131_1353542737_33039531_749309663_oShe said that I’ll be attending “Bengkel Pengemaskinian Akta/ PU dan Pengenalan Maklumat Perundangan” which will be held at 21 – 23 Mei in order to enhance my knowledge of law field as a library officer. She also said a lot of government library officer will be attending and only a few from private will come, inside, I was very glad because entrusted by this company to enhance knowledge. So yesterday I was going to Putrajaya to located the place event which is at Dewan Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Yusuf at Jabatan Peguam Negara. Trying to search a fastest route to get there and I found it, so, prepare for this Monday and we’ll be good to go!!


Last but not least, I’m taking this opportunity to wish every teacher and lecturer in this world especially my mom-like-teacher, Cikgu Fong, who was always taking care of us, educate us and light up our world since primary school, and to all of the teachers in Smk St Michael, Smk Muhibbah, and all lecturer in UiTM Puncak Perdana Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat, happy teachers day and thank you for everything, without you, I will not standing here now.


Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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