The Avengers, 5/5 d^^,b

Morning Lads, last nite was the best sabtuday ever!!! Auuww yeaaaahh!! Starting my journey to TGV at KLCC at 4pm, with hope like a big mountain, that The Avengers that I’ve been waiting for is not disappointing my sabtuday. Shortly after arriving, as usual, crowded with people, and I was like, if only my kangkong was here with me, then it will be more enjoyable.

The-Avengers-wallpapers free

The schedule for The Avengers 3D was at 7.30pm, so I just purchase the ticket right away and explore the suria klcc while waiting for 7.30pm. Heading to Kinokuya bookstore to buy a book about PTD(Pegawai Tadbir & Diplomatik) Examination, eventually more to tips on answering the PTD’s examination. But unfortunately the book was sold out just before I enter the bookstore, arrgghhh tensennnn..I have an exam for PTD next week on saturday, I guess I’ll visit MPH tomorrow, hopefully they still have it there. And then I made it to 7.30pm by wandering around klcc, so I grab my popcorn, beverage and my 3d spectacles and having funnn.


This time, the avengers are injected with a lot sense of humor by the heroes involved such as Tony Stark (Iron Man), Thor and Bruce(Hulk). And the others, such as Capt. America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Fury, still as serious as hell. Besides of a little comedy, the rest is fantastic!! The story line was awesome, 3D effect was smashing, viewers are stunned, sometimes laughing, something getting serious, (actually afraid hulk might burst out hurting black widow which was actually resulting trauma to black widow,) hihihihi, now you know how scary hulk is. Actually I like this Hulk character much because this time, he was cool and awesome!! Bruce/ hulk already can control himself and listening to captain America order’s.


Awesome, every character managed to shows up their awesomeness and resulting the best marvel film ever!! There was a scene when Capt America giving order to every Avengers members and when its come to hulk, he said, “Hulk! Smash!!” And hulk was smiling and raging to incoming alien from others space. Ohya this time, Loki once again prove himself as a dirty villain when he managed to make all of the Avengers member fighting each other. But the ending still the same, predictable but awesome!! Whoever still not watching this movie, recommendation from me? The Avengers!! hihihihi, have a nice Sunday!!!




Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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