Hari Kebersihan..

Slamat malam semuaaaa, dah makan? aku dah, alhamdulillah, hihihihi. Post hari ni bertajuk hari kebersihan, tapi bukan nak berdemo ni. Saje nak cerita aktiviti sabtu aku pada hari ini, hihihihi. Hari ni terbangun jam 11 depan tv, jenguk kat luar cuaca baek dan ceria. So I just made up my mind to clean up my room today.

Dark azs photo679

Dinner for tonite, mihun goreng with oyster sauce, tauhu goreng and telur mata

After that, I was planning to go shah alam to visit my friends at Puncak Perdana Townhouse and paying my convo fee on my way back to home. But so weird, this saturday is not like the usual day. But I just proceed with my plan until I arrive at Pasar Seni because the bus u80 which is going to shah alam was supposed to be there taking passenger at Jln Tun Sambanthan in front of the Post Office.

As I walking into Pasar Seni LRT station, its getting weirder and weirder. A lot of people wearing yellow shirt with logo Bersih 3.0 on it. And I was like, aduhhhh sudaaahhhhh..As I was walking along, suddenly there is this crowd taking pic of someone on the floor at the bridge of LRT station.  Cant help myself to take a peek, and im like, oooooohh, A Samad Said rupanya tengah lepak kat atas lantai pakai baju Bersih..EMmm, and I just proceed to the bus station at the Jalan Tun Sambanthan. And I wait, and wait and wait as many crowd with yellow shirt walking by, and helicopter are circling around and im like, what the heck????And then I get up and checking around the pasar seni and there is no single rapid bus there, and shit!! Plan cancelled!!

I was overwhelmed with anger and cursing in my head, “What the heck they have to make a demonstration today!! Arrrgghhh Shiiiiiiitttt!!!!” After thousand curses, as I sitting hopelessly, I saw the back of the Bersih 3.0 shirt and there was a list back there. One of the was hapuskan rasuah, kukuhkan pendidikan awam and so on. Then I was thinking for a while, is this their reason? Maybe I don’t know that much about what they want from government, from their demo, or what is their agenda. But this is way too far man, I mean, the rapid bus is gone to nowhere, police are everywhere, shop are closed (I actually want to buy a new pair of shoes), people with Bersih shirt are everywhere with high and mighty attitude, like they was already do something satisfying, something right, something good.


What I see, as a normal man, walking on that street, is a chaos..Peaceful is gone, no freedom at all, and people are scattered, sitting on the road side, uncivilized, I mean what happen to this country man..Who is wrong here, which side? Both I think, be grateful for what you already have or you may lose something you protecting for decades.  And for whoever doing corruption, tidak telus, tidak adil, if human law in this world cannot get you, wait for Allah’s law in the mahsyar..Sooner or later, but surely it will come..Malas nak cerita politik kat sini, what I want to say is, this is weekend man, just enjoy your holiday..Go to the beach, go anywhere that can make you happy, yang penting, tanggungjawab anda sebagai khalifah di dunia ini dijalankan dengan istiqamah dan ikhlas, dapatkan redha Allah, and you will get your peace that you seek, insyaAllah.

Good nite everyone!!



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