Industrial Attachment

Salam and slamat malam semuaaaa, lama tak update blog kan? Today was my first day at Fakulti Perubatan near Hospital Sg. Buloh, its kind of challenging actually, many things already happen  today. Tapdi, mcm yg Dewa 19 ckp, hadapi dengan senyuman, semua yang terjadi, biar terjadi~ Hihihihi, so today I arrive at Fakulti Perubatan Hosp. Sg. Buloh exactly jam 8 lebih..Actually ikut jadual sbenarnya before 8am, untuk lapor diri dengan pegawai bertugas.

Dark azs photo560

So today assignment was?? Nothing..Pegawai yg bertugas cuti dan keje yg kitorang buat ialah tidak laen dan tidak bukan, fesbuk lerr, kekekekekekei..Actually record department at this institution are pretty new, and the staff who handle us today was, En. Nizam and staff inside the record department, Din. He was uhh..from accounting background and was chosen for record job, and we was like errr…Itu matcam pun boleh kaaa??

Dark azs photo561So there we are from 9am to 5pm, Fiza and Salma arrive 3-4 pm something, they were originally doing their industrial attachment at Hospital Selayang but they must lapor diri to the officer in charge here at fakulti perubatan which was absent today. So now here I am, at the kolej, in this very house, in the room, alone..And good news was, there is no one that live in the level one except me, so, forever alone~~ Nad and Katy was placed at level 7 which is for Siswi..Alahaii, but the accomodation and facility in this college was totally complete, there is gym down there, place for Squash, Padang Futsal and all..And the more important is, this house have their own sinki, and much more better than kolej Jasmine which were ruled by crazy bastard who were acting like king…..kong…Goshhh..Such an idiott…

Dark azs photo563

Fiza, Kat, Nad and Salma

Dark azs photo565

Dark azs photo566

And they got this in their living room

Dark azs photo567

Dark azs photo568

Sinki kat ruang tamu, Kolej Fakulti Perubatan Win


Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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