Takbih Manuk–Sabung Ayam d^^,b

Assalamualaikum to all readers wherever you are, whatever you do, may Allah bless you with rahmat every single second, aminn. So whats with takbih manuk or sabung ayam for the title today huhh..As usual its just random choice from my everyday scene life. This morning I wake up at 9.30am, hearing the voice of my kangkong at earlier morning really carved the smile on my face, hihihihi..and then as usual, I wake up, tell my kangkong how much I love her with i-heart at fb, and then today was my first time playing farmville and cityville, and I was like..this game similar toe the ranch rush I guess but its just played online.

dark azs rulezBut that’s not what I want to share with readers today, its this traditional event, I don’t know whether its traditional or what, but every race in this world played this “sabung ayam” too..Even in Thailand, they have conducting such event too. But for tausug, this event was a common things although its illegal. Even my father used to play this kind of game. He store and keep many “warriors” (di kalangan ayam2/ manuk2) in the cage and waiting for challenge or an event such this to occur. So, my childhood surrounding was full with chicken shit, honestly and its annoying. Every morning when I was a boy, when walking to the school, and then “ketepeeekkk”, taik ayam  land mine hit my shoes, and I was like, “not againnnn…”

Dark azs photo2505

So, all of this so called warrior already like a family to us, maybe more than that. Why you ask? It was the way of to take care of it, every morning and evening, my father used to give a bath to all of his warrior with a unique way, one of them was like, drink the water, and then spit it to the rooster bodies, all over them. I played with this “warrior” so many times, and “kena cakar dan patuk” so many times..See, even im scared to this “warrior” sumtime..coz im just a little boy at that time, and now when I think back, what da heck??? There is so many variant of “sabung ayam” that I witnessed including cage match, death match and usual fight. Cage match usually conducted with cage or special fences build around the fighting stage, death match usually involving weapon equipped at the “warriors” little “cute”feet..And as for normal fight, the owner just sharpen the “taji” of their warriors and whoever run or give up was the loser of the match…

Dark azs photo2513

So what? What with this old story of sabung ayam so sudden you ask?  You see, actually, dah lama aku tak tengok sabung ayam nih since my family moved from Kg Bakkau to my current home at Mesra, so this morning when I was on my way to kitchen to make coffee, I suddenly heard voices like this, “haaaa mati kau..(silent for 3minutes and then)Haaaaa itu diaaa, di kepala!! di kepala!!” and I was like, huuuhh? what the fish? So I looked outside my window and I saw a group of villager circling around, as you can see at the pictured, and conducting Sabung Ayam at the open area/publicly..Tak sangka masih wujud lagi event camnih, betol2 mengimbau kenangan dulu2..So I just smile and catch a few picture for the readers..Budak2 sumer men kat kawasan permainan nih, tapi pacik2 nih plak dengan excitednya main sabung ayam, adedededeih, betol2 affecting children mind with violence and abusing manuk..Penderaan Manuk2..

Dark azs photo2514

Hihihihihihi, I guess that’s all for today’s post, sayangilah haiwan dan diri anda sendiri..Majulah manuk untuk negara d^^,b

Dark azs photo2515


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