Once upon a time part 1 d^^,b

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St Michael Church near St Michael School

Assalamualaikum wbt to all reader tonight. Malam ni ntah nape tetiber demam, dari semalam lagi nih..Adeeeii, ohya, tadi baru habes cakap ngan my kangkong nih but before I go to sleep, I wanna share one story tonight. Still remember back then, at school, you know, with formality and uniform and all..Zaman remaja laa, form 1 to form 5..Just like the tradition, at my school, S.M St Michael, after school holiday/ cuti sekolah, the result of examination which is usually written in report card will be given to student.

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Usual Route that I always took when going home after school

Well back at our michaelean generation, report card is something that  terrifying yet increasing the pressure point  and stress. Why you ask? During my time, as a form 1 student, exactly at year 2001,  until I’m upgraded to form 5 at 2005, we still used the report card that consist A,B,C grade with red and blue ink. You know what’s that mean right? Don’t mind the alphabet, just look at the color and you’ll know instantly whether you pass or fail. Red for fail and blue or black is for pass. You know when you received your report card and all that left was red, and your position in class was 30/30 if there was 30 student at that class, that mean you are really in suitable position to say, WTF..What The FISH!!!

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S.M St Michael

And your parents look at you with anger and sadness, yeaah that bring back memories. Still, till now, I still feel that chill, you know..The feeling when we entered the classroom to received our report card. Ohya before I forgot, I also intended to dedicate this post for my kangkong lenggang as my full report on today’s activity, hihihihi. Well you know, today, my friend rodel ask me to accompany him to St Michael to take his little brother’s report card. This morning my head still in normal level, belom demam lagik..So I accompany delz and his lil bro, charle, which was a very good kid indeed.  So like usual, we go to school, while walking, all of the memories refreshed and its kinda, emm,  life is so short you know, pejam celik pejam celik, dah masuk kubor..Ehh salah, dah mningkat dewasa, alam persekolahan ditinggalkan, upgrade ke level seterusnya dan kemudian, kerja, then get married, then have son, get old and die..

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See how fragile life is? So makesure, hidup hanya sekali, jadi murid form 4 hanya sekali, gunakanlah masa tuh sebaik baiknya, hanya ko jak yg boleh tolong diri kau sendiri. Nasihatku ngan c charle masa dia dah amek result tadik. So shocking indeed, many things had change..I mean the school, classroom, canteen, and so on. Everything like brand new, but some things are not changed at all I guess. The teachers here still the same, with burning spirit to teach their student, their light never fade away by time and still, lighting all of the darkness faced by next generation who was hunger for knowledge. To all my teacher and lecturer yg penah ajar, nasihat, denda, and so on, thank you so much, without you, I’ll never be like in my current state right now..

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And when I was looking to charle report card, its now different than before, its just like certificate, and there is no color in it, I mean blue and red, awww dang, how lucky they are…You know, now all of the student have their own 1Malaysia Laptop, for free, and wifi at school, shiiiiooooooooookknyaaa diorang nih. Time aku dulu takde camni pon…Buat assignment manual beb, tulis sampai tangan dah kremm, datang sekolah pagi pagi, pagi tu nak hantar, tapi pagi tu lah jugak baru nak buat assignment. Memang terbaek, sweet memories indeed.  I still can’t forget one incident while I was at form4 or form5 I recall, I really don’t remember the exact time. But one that I’m sure was, that day was the ceremony of retrieving the report card and all of the parents are invited. So like usual, my mom was my loyal companion, to the school, to retrieved my report card since I was at Tadika lagik sampailah ke form 6..

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Then after retrieving my report card, and of course, ceramah terbaek dari guru kelas selepas itu dan jugak komen beliau sendiri. Well usually my respond was, SMILE..And then, my close friend, c Supri, asking my mother untuk jadi wakil/ penjaga utk amek report card dier. So my mom agree and retrieved Supri’s report card, just like mine, my mom tengok grade dier satu demi satu and suddenly crying and I was like…Oh my, not at this time..So im just sabar mak sabar, I don’t know why but she was too sad when looking at Supri’s report card and Supri macam kena stunned and rasa..emmm..I don’t know, orange I think..Hihihihi, in my heart, nasib baik bukan report card aku, hehehehehehe..But I think, supri dah serik dah and his achievement after that, perrgghh, result aku pon kalah weeii, I guess that incident affect him a lot..

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Sweet memories indeed right? Hihihihihi, I also remember back then, my kangkong’s mom also come to retrieved her report card at that time, well, her mom also, always her loyal companion to retrieved her report card, but she was at different level than mine. Coz mine was half red and blue, and her result are more higher than me.  Maybe if she continued with form six, we’ll be at the same university, maybe..But hey, life is surely surprising right? And so was Love..

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