Kenapa dengan kamu? Kamu? why with this entry? hihihihi, im just pick it randomly from song title by nitrus, kamu..Well hello everyone, miss you all, lama tia jumpa d^^,b..There is a lot of things happen last weeks and more good things will come, hihihihihihi..Where should I start, emmm…

Lets start at 27/5/2011, night at 8pm something..That time I was just heading to kitchen, thinking about what for dinner that night..And then someone knocking our door and my bro opened it..And then Bammmm!!! Some familiar faces from a very long time ago, my friend Supri, tersengih sengih kat depan pintu, and im like, what da???So im invited him to my house and hav a little chat..But he said he got friend waiting for him down-stair..He said he’ll bring friend to my house and then heading down-stair to fetch his friend. And then I follow him from behind and then..Uik? another familiar faces, Yokhshane, old friend of mine, well that was my first time seeing him since form 5..Turn out to be a successful man, surprisingly surpasses all of us, rezeki rezeki, who knows right? So I invited them to my house, hav a drink and a little chat, and then heading to town that night..Spending time chatting at the restaurant..very nostalgic indeed, a lot of things changing actually, but never mind, lets proceed to the next day..

Dark azs photo2442

Speaking of the devil, Yokhshane and Supri in da house..

And then the next day, 28/5, morning at 10am, I was heading to my kangkong’s home, pay a little visit to her family, well that kind of my first time too, hihihihihi..actually there was a little kenduri at her home so I just come to help, tolong makan, n tolong tinguk, wawawawawawa..So shortly after arriving, her little sister Ria which already waiting at the bus stop, guiding me to their home..It kinda remind me to  my old village/kampung, which is located at Kg Bakkau, Batu Sapi..I mean the smell of sea..that sensation, and uuuhh, very nostalgic.. So I meet all of her family there, and, d^^,b, alhamdulillah, everything was just fine..Her granma speaks Suluk/Tausug language very fluently, and it kinda makes me feels home..hihihihi, for the detail, ask my kangkong herself, hihihihihi..Such an unforgettable day, well im coming home with smile on my faces, feels very happy at that time…

Dark azs photo2444

Found this menu at Harbour Bistro Café, Fried Rice with Kinilaw, wooww..

Dark azs photo2446Dark azs photo2448

And 29/5, at 10am, I was heading town, to meet my kangkong again, it was the day for her to going back to Kinabatangan, at 12pm, so I was accompany her for a few hour before going back to Kinabatangan..And right now, I started to missing her again, she’ll be back for the next two week..So, what to do before then? emm..I don’t know, hibernation perhaps? hikhikhikhikhik, that’s all for today lads, hav a good day d^^,b


Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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