Seribu Satu Malam..Seribu kew? 1 Malam jew laa..

Its almost two weeks I’m here, recently I have a little problem for blogging, but hell yeahh I made it here..d^^,b..Back at the puncak, I keep wondering, “bila laa aku dapat balik sandakan ni, adooiii”, yupz, and now here I am..Feel so grateful that I made it here after 1 year, its worth it you know..Although I still not used to it, I mean back to my old life..Usually at this moment I am working for extra money but here I am, relaxing and maybe that was a good idea for this time..My time at UiTM almost finish, just one more semester to go and I’ll step into another world..I mean same world but different situation..You know, I’ll start thinking about work and work and how to gain extra money..I know that sooner or later I’ll be reaching this level, with Allah swt permission of course..

Intro of Pangalay..

There are several things happen this weeks, one of them was the power outage..That night, I were at the Yu Yuan Hall attending my mom friend’s son (kawan mak aku punyer anak daa) traditional wedding ceremony which was a little bit cultural, more to Suluk’s Custom, yupz that my race..I was representing my mom coz my mom was a little sick and there is no way I will attending that occasion without being pushed by mom, so I just accepting the order obediently..From what I heard, mas kawen rm25000, uuurrkkk, tersedak den mendengor nyerr..But that amount was a common when it comes to Suluks..I don’t know why, I think our people more  concentrating or “mementingkan” status, and all of the guest that night, perrrrgghhh, takyah cakaplaa, I feel like at Philippine already..I mean with all of the traditional clothes and accessories, everything was just, BLING BLING…Mag-Inggat Madtuh..Sambat sin Tausug..

Pangalay Talam ..

While waiting for the brides to enter the hall, suddenly the Pangalay Music was played by musician from I don’t know where, and then unexpectedly, there is a guy, maybe a member from that group, the faces look like gangster, but hey, you can dance pakcik, ujarku dalam hati, ahahahahahahahahaha..No kidding man, that guy, the one who dancing pakiring performing a new level of pakiring that I never saw at any wedding day since I was born..Pangalay/ Pakiring Talam..Yupz, he was dancing pakiring/ pangalay with talam on his head, the talam consist four empty glass, and he was dancing while balancing the talam on his head, awesome right? I manage to captured the moment using my 3310, see it for yourself..Dang, kalu dier masuk Step Up 4D memang gempak nih, ahahahahahahahahaha..

But hey, the guest was all entertained by that dancer and all of the four glass was full with money, yupzz, everyone are filling the glass with money while he dancing around them, profitable isn’t? If you afford to dancing pangalay with talam on your head, be my guest..After the brides coming to hall, and after a few performances, and after eating, I’m asking permission to going home earlier coz the hall was full with guest and it’s a little bit hot..So shortly after arriving home, I saw everyone was evacuating their home, and there is smoke coming out from the Switch Chamber (I don’t know what they call it but that room consist a lot of switch, electric meter and so much more ).. So I run to my home and searching for my mom,  she was ready to evacuate the house when I arrived and my big bro was not at home at that time..And then blackout, my mom getting more panicked, you know, my mom always like that, so we locked the door heading to downstairs waiting for Fireman..Waiting and waiting, that chamber was already started overwhelmed by fire, and yet, the fireman has not yet arrive, but later after a few minute they finally arrive and save the day..

Dark azs photo2436

Hanya mampu bermain game snake..

3 days, without light, without electric, and we were going back to the 50’s, where everything were candles and black and white..Sabor jew laaaa, what to do, but it is not bad at all, everything was so peaceful, you know, its all natural..And its get me a lot of thinking at that time, about life and about everything..I guess that’s all for today, off to power couch..d^^,b


Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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