Sandakan Town d^^,b

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Breakfast Mari: Nasi Kuning

Currently at restaurant, emmm although I don’t know what they call this place, but lets call them as tempat c Mas coz they sell a “delishus” Bakso here, yeaaaah recommended..With my bff c japleang, here lepakin and chatting while waiting our another friend, c kent..So what so special today? Am I saying this day was special? Its memorable actually, today was the first time I go out to Sandakan Town.

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On my way to Sandakan Town

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Familiar Face that I used to encounter at Sandakan Town

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Sandakan Central Market

Dark azs photo2387

New Building at Sandakan

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Observation at Labuk Bus Station

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Old Skool Bus

Morning breakfast already special one, Nasi Kuning, handmade from Tmn Mesra, hihihihihihi. Kinda miss this nasi kuning, lama tia makan wehh, and the taste was, ummmmmmpphhh..Nostalgic and yummy as always..Well we promised to meet at Labuk Bus Station after Zuhur, so to the bus station I was heading. While riding bus on my way to Labuk Bus Station, sweet memories running through my head as I feel the wind breeze from outside the bus windows blowing to my face. Its so refreshing, feels like I been gone for so long, but its only a year. There is a lot of familiar faces that I encounter on my way to Bus Station, well I just smile and observe like always, but this time I bring camera with me, so I can share it with you all, hihihihihihihi..

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Bakso, emmmm, yummyyyy

Dark azs photo2392

Kent In da House

Dark azs photo2395

On the way to Tembok..

Dark azs photo2396

Sightseeing at Tembok..

Dark azs photo2399

Kent Vs Japleang

So after arriving, we heading to “Kedai C Mas” for bakso coz my friend craving for it. So there we are, chatting and “Lepakin” and the our friend Kent also arrived. Feels like at KL at that time becoz we used to travel around KL altogether, me, Japleang and Kent. Hanging out and spending time at that Jungle Concrete, so nostalgic, but since both of them already here at Sandakan, I guess it is not the same as the old times before. And after chatting till 5pm something like that, we were heading to “Tembok” watching sunset and beautiful panorama there..So beautiful..

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Kapal Nelayan/ Fisherman Boat

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Dark azs photo2409

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