My Memories~

Dark azs photo2411

d^^,b. Assalamualaikum to the most beloved reader, today was great you know..Yupzz, just like the title of the song, “Wonderful Tonight” except it is not only tonight, but also this entire day was great, alhamdulillah..You know, after a year and we were reunited again, here in our hometown, sweet memories indeed, hihihihihihi.

Dark azs photo2413

Well I start the day as usual, you know, coffee and a nice fried rice for breakfast, nice startup actually. Then after zohor, im heading out to town cuz today was the day we were suppose to meet again after a year. So after arriving at town, like usual, I was waiting at the usual place that we always meet up, “di bawah menara”, hihihihihi. But again this time, we meet up in a funnier way like before, wawawawawa..I saw her standing waiting for me like usual, so I stand beside her with a dumb face, pretending to wait for someone, ahahahahahahahaha…And then after that, we goin to the MuiMui barber shop, I ask her to accompany me to cut my hair before going for a walk at the town. It surely bring up some memories, huhuhuhuhu..

Dark azs photo2415After that we were heading to Central Market, to enjoy the view of the vast sea while drinking “Teh o ping”,  ahahahahahahaha, Teh O Ping that we order exactly different than the usual one, just look at the pic and you’ll know it right away, ahahahahahahahaha, but hey, its nice to have such tea like that sometimes alright, so it was good. So we chat and talk about a lot of things there till asar, oh yaaa we encounter her father at the Central Market and I was really glad to meet her father cuz I never meet him before, hihihihihi.Dark azs photo2422 I hope my first impression was good enough cuz I really stunned and the only words that come out from my lips was “assalamualaikum pakcik, pakcik keja skg? Pakcik sihat? Kami mok pigi minum2 disana pakcik, hehehehehe (although he was really working at that time, such a silly question to ask, end up by getting laugh by my kangkong)”

                                                                       Special Teh-O-Ping

Dark azs photo2416

It cant be help alright, it was my first time meeting her father and I really don’t know what to talk about, wawawawaawa, sabor je laa, but at least I try, heeeeeeeee dT . Tb…So after that, our usual routine was exploring the Gentingmas Mall and window shopping, and buy a little things including ice cream, hehehehe. Actually I used to promise her that I’ll treat her some ice cream after I come home. So mission accomplished, we go to the tembok and eating ice cream there while watching the beautiful view of the sea and sunset, and the suddenly, her favorite song. “Baik baik Sayang by Wali Band” been played at nearest restaurant and we both smiled, aikk, cam tau2 seja kedai ni yang kami ada d sini, wawawawawawa..

Dark azs photo2419

But the most important thing is, we enjoy that day and lastly, the ring finally met its true owner after almost a year, hihihihihihi..So after that, I send her home like usual and then going back home, satisfied and happy, bahagia sangat2, d^^,b..She gonna going back to Kinabatangan tomorrow and I was hoping to meet her again, at the same place, at anytime..That’s all for tonight I guess, tidur sambil senyum laa nampak gayanya, wakakakakakaka, night you all..

Dark azs photo2418

Nice number…

Dark azs photo2424

Rightful Owner d^^,b


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