Home Sweet Home Part 2

Now its already the second day I was here, in my hometowns, and its sooooooooo refreshing..After arriving yesterday, I noticed that, the little changes in my hometowns, well, the extraordinary morning heat is one of  them..Why these days the morning heat was so hot, its unbearable..So different than before, but heys, its better than volcano eruption in other country. We still considered very lucky you know..Very very lucky, so, alhamdulillah, thank god. And then tonight when I was searching for Sedap Corner at Bandar KimFung, it is not there anymore, replaced by a chinese restaurant, aaauuuuwww dang..

Dark azs photo2361

Don’t do this at home, marker can be easily removed

So here I am, now I have a extra time with my moms and my big bro at home. Today, I woke up earlier than before, 5.30am, waaaauu, but actually its already late because of the timelines differences. But the morning air was so…..magical, fresh and extra-super-ordinary…The best words to describe the situation at the morning.. Like the old time, my normal daily routine when I was here at home was, wake up at the earlier morning, after praying, go for a little walk outside to find the “goreng pisang” for breakfast, or ordinary 3in1 coffemix will cherish my entire day..Dark azs photo2362

A few arts that I managed to do before going out of puncak

and then if I lucky, I will be able to fall asleep after breakfast, but if not, I’ll start with pc games, or movie in the earlier morning, and then when its already 12pm, I’ll start preparing some lunch for us, some vegetables or telor dadar, tapi yang selalunya sayur goreng and telor dadar arrr, if we were lucky, the fish will be sacrificed for the lunch..Hihihihihihi, So after that what you say?? After that, praying and afternoon nap, until asar, wawawawawa, that is my usual routine of the day, and then while waiting for maghrib, I’ll go to the market at Tmn Mesra to shop for vegetables and fish for the dinner..

Dark azs photo2367

Creepy isnt it..

Pretty boring huh? But that was the life that I love, the one that you called boring stuff, that’s just who am I, hihihihihihi. Noooob! Says one of my big bro din, wahahahahahaha…But that was just me, ordinary is a perfect word to describe me..So today, I’ll enjoy the extra 3months here with joy and happiness, yuhuuuiiii…Well, I might not be able to blogging again after this cuz its really hard to get a connection at my home, so what I do was, going to kimfung, finding an open restaurant at night, and blogging there..Pretty hard right, but that is the only way, so see you for the next 3 months, wakakakakakakaka..I’ll be back blogging if I had a chance to go to any nearest restaurant alrite..

Dark azs photo2376

Korban untuk makan malam, hikhikhikhik

Oohh currently I was at I don’t know what they call this restaurant but it sells some drinks with my big bro lan, ohh yeahh I know, Soul Sweet, emmm, internet surfing and blogging there, wahahahahaahaha, see ya next time, and to my sweetheart kangkong lenggang, if you ever see this, remember this and store it at your heart,  I always love you wherever you are..d^^,b

Dark azs photo2377

Me n my bro at the Soul Sweet ..


Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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