Home Sweet Home Part 1

Currently at LCCT, spending a night on the cold floor, blogging and internet surfing, thousand eyes watching over me at all the times. Maybe they were wondering why that boy sitting on the floor..But for me, its already a common things bcoz I already used to it. Whether at KL Central or LCCT, this two places were my second home besides Puncak Perdana or my home at Sandakan. Tonight, I have to spend a night here, coz my flight were on 10May at 7am, so I have to spend a night here as usual..You know, travellers, this is what we do..I mean what I do, hihihihi…

Dark azs photo2368

This morning I wake up as usual, 10am sumthing, and my body automatically cleaning the whole house although it is not clean enough, the last day of semester 5 at Puncak Perdana/ Jasmine..fuuuuuuuuhhhhh, finally after 1 year, I manage to going back home, to my lovely hometown, although it is not lovely at all, but yes..I miss my home town, my mother, my kangkong, my friend, my pillows smell, my cold floor at my home which I used to lay on it..Uuuuuhh surely miss it like a lot…Dang…After cleaning at that morning, I go out to grab some lunch, a special one, considering it is my last day at Puncak Perdana for this semester, so I treat myself a special lunch..Don’t ask me what it is, but to me it is special alrite..After lunch, I walking around the house for the last time, and talking to myself- “Such a Pain in the Ass”..

Dark azs photo2369

What is that all about? Hihihihihihihi, just a form of heavy sigh but expressed in form of words and the result was..Such a Pain in the Ass..Well the house was all messy and some of my roommate just leaving without cleaning their area at all..AAuuuwww Dang..Luckily its my final year, huh..Cobaan cobaan, sabo aje laaa..And then 3pm like that, i was heading to bus station near the Kandang, and waiting the bus for almost 2 hours, im sweating all over my body, the heat is unbearable, if I wait an hour longer, probably I already cooked crispy and ready to be served at the plate..RapidBus U605 heading to Seksyen 2..After arriving, suddenly I was craving for Frado’s ABC, so Frado’s ABC stall is my next destination.

Dark azs photo2117

As usual, I wait and wait, because usually one man usually appears so sudden and asking, “Nak Minum apa bang?” But unfortunately not that day, after a long wait, there is one man come to me and asking the regular question, “nak minum apa bang?” Then I said, “Nak ABC Special satu”..So, do you know the answer that I get? “Emm bang, ABC order sendiri ekk” And then I was..Huh?? Sistem baru kew ape? So I go to the counter and says, “bang, ABC Special 1”..The owner reply with angry faces (Unpleasant faces reaction), “Katne?” Then I point out my table..So I wait, like usual..And I wait again..And again..So I left with regret, why?? why??

Dark azs photo2370

7-E, next destination, 100plus, and then direct heading to bus station for u80 RapidBus to KL Central..The bus already almost arrived at my destination, KL Central, I thought someone will ring the bell, so I just take my bag from below the seat and prepared to get off from the bus. But once again, the bus just..speeding direct to the Central Market..Arrgghhhhh once again…So I told myself, sabo jis sabo, jgn hempuk driver tuh, takde orang tekan loceng so dier tak bhenti laaaa..After cooling down, I just taking LRT from Pasar Seni and heading to KL Central..Having a quick dinner there..Downloading something, and then at 8.30pm, I decide to take the AirBus to LCCT and here I am.. Again, in this place, alone with my lappy, blogging, waiting for 7am..Counting till 7am..Huhhhh…

Ohh yeaahh a few hours ago, here at LCCT, that time I was so overwhelmed with facebook, suddenly one girl coming towards me and speaking something but I cannot understand..Ohhh my earphone..So I remove them and says, pardon me? She said, “Awak ade duit syiling tak, nak tukar dengan duit kertas ni boleh? Kalau ada seringgit syiling, seringgit laa, kalau ada dua ringgit, saya tukar untuk dua ringgit laa”. So I directly pick the coins from my pocket and says, “Nhaaaa kira laa sendiri” and back to facebookin again, ahahahahahahahahaha..

Dark azs photo2371

After some thought, I really rude to people am i? ahahahahahahahaha, then she said, “Rm 3.35 sen, tapi saya amik rm3 jew, tapi saya ade rm2 duit Malaysia and selebihnya duit beso, kalau saya bagi seringgit dollar singapore boleh?” So I just nod and smile without looking coz I really concentrating with facebookin, ahahahahahahahahahaha, to that unknown girl, sorry for being rude, I am really didn’t mean it coz I am who I am, unless if Im with my kangkong, baru laa boleh tgk muka lama2, besides of that, I don’t know, its just like, wind blowing at my faces, nothing in it..Don’t get me wrong, Im normal but I guess, I only meant for her d^^,b


Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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