The Tale of the Lonely Night..

Dark azs photo2313First of May, 2011, exactly at 2.04 a.m, there is person at the end of the table, facing his laptop, typing and expressing thought/ feelings while listening to the classic malay rock music, ignoring the breeze night wind which is refreshing and continued expressing his thought but he knows, who’ll listen to the pathetic, lame story? But he just drowned in his own world, because to him, that is the alternative way to speak out the unspoken thought, the unspoken feelings, the unexplainable feelings which is hidden deep in his thought. He just felt that this night is one of the comfortable night compared with the every night that he experienced before. Suddenly..

06082010946“You got a text message dawg!!!” His message ringtone awaken him from his world. “Salam sayang…Sampai sua kangkong di rumah..Jum ta tido..” He sigh while smiling and reply the message knowing that she already arrived at her home, safely. So he continued diving into his own world, the world which is full with fantasy, where its only ends with tragedy and sadness.

The hustling sound of wind at that night really keeping his finger  typing words in the computer like a musician playing keyboard dramatically. So what exactly his thought at that time, what exactly that he write at his laptop.  As the angle of viewers zooming to his computer, he suddenly left the desk and heading to balcony, watching his surrounding, silently, and took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh. Maybe he was thinking about life, about future, about “duniawi”, about every memories that he have.


After satisfied with his unexplainable action, or maybe he just taking a fresh air, he was back to his desk again, trying to find a things to expressed..This is the tale of the lonely night, the end…

p/s: Until this very moment, he still don’t know what to write about, what?? I just don’t know what to write okay, my head are completely blank, hikhikhikhikhik, see ya tomorrow..The Tale of another Lone Night, will be written tomorrow, wawaawawawaawa


With friends back at hometown, Rizal and Alz



Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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