Freedom? No, still long way to go..

Dark azs photo1485Today, 30hb April, 2011, finally the last exam paper, IML552, which was today and its over now. So, feelings? Happy? emm a bit, I still here anyway, waiting for 10hb, to go back to my hometown at Sandakan.

Sad? yes, a bit, 3 years just like a blink of an eye, next semester will be my last semester here at Puncak Perdana (still call it as PP although the name already changed to Jasmine) I never like that Jasmine name, its sound too girlish..Macamlaa yang tinggal kat puncak nih pompuan jew, ape punyer pengetua kolej, nak standardizes la sangat, tapi apa bleh buatlaaa, their place, sukahati diorang laa. Its my last year anyway, so nevermind, there’s nothing to be fuss about.

Dark azs photo1487

What else, afraid? yeaahh a bit, I already start thinking of the future, and its scary..I cant imagine putting myself at the future, you know, finding jobs, earning money 4 living, wooww, am I gonna make it? Well, surely I can if I want it, be positive and smile although it scare the hell out of you..So, after this, what else huh? Emmm, I guess, I’ll enjoy things a lil bit here, then going back to my hometowns, having the golden moment together with my family, my future wife and friend. 

And then, maybe after a few weeks, I’ll start finding a job there, at Sandakan, maybe as close as I can to my home. work-work-work, straight for 3 months, and gonna enjoy raya and fasting months here with family, auuwwww shioooookk. And then after that, going back to Puncak Perdana again, new spirit, new determination, new goal, new mission, and then, bla bla bla blaaa, exam, and then bla bla bla bla again, waiting for 6 months for convocation, after graduation, starting new life with trying to find some decent job, kalau buleh, biarlah kat Sabah jugak, im worried about my mother, she always alone at home.

Dark azs photo1496

So, I’ll figure it out, how to find a good job at Sabah. After getting a good job, well, I have a promise with my mother, and I’ll try to fulfill it first, and then, getting married at the age of 25years, hurrmmm, tak tahu la sempat ke tak, ke umur 25 tahun tuh, kalau diizinkan Allah swt, insyaAllah, bersua jua kita semua 25years later alrite. But if not, see you at Padang Masyar later on, alrite.

Well, that’s what in my mind at this moment, a brief summary of my future, its kind of lame isn’t? Predictable, but who knows, I mean I don’t know, Kita hanya mampu merancang, Allah swt yang menentukan semuanya. So chill out, enjoy your every moment of life, and all da best d^^,b

Dark azs photo1488

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