Almost there..

310320114172Last night I was working up late night till 7am, its all because of the assignment and presentation that need to be done today. After 7am, I still manage to sleep till 8.30am, and then taking shower and running to the class for the presentation. 1hour of sleep is already a common things here, but alhamdulillah, all of the assignment were great and presentation goes well. Well now I do believe human work more great under pressure. As I heading to class, my head was as light as feather, and I walking like a drunken homeless guy when I was going to the class. 1hour sleep effect I guess, but its all over now, all of the headache will be over soon, I already recover and recharged all of my energy today after hearing my kangkong’s voices and laugh on the phone, I feels grateful because she was never give up on me, well lucky me. Right now the next mission were to prepared myself for incoming exam at 27 and 30 April, minor exam, abstracting and indexing final paper and also subject heading final paper. Both of them was really a killer paper actually, but hell yeahh, bring it on..I’ll take it head on, and putting all of my guts there.

150220113681But relying based on guts only will not bring me up higher than before, study hard and study smart is the solution for this situation. In a blink of an eye, I’m already at semester 5, final year, and one more semester to go, and I will entering the real worlds sooner. So hows it feels ehh, its feel awkward of course, suddenly my 3 years just finish like that, and some of my friends will be graduating this year, my friend ijat, susila, edwin and wan, two from UMS and two from UUM, well, sejingkil jingkilnya mereka, they are the first pioneer who will enter the real worlds later on. Lucky them actually, but nevermind, we will catch up with them later. This song that I listening right now really touch me inside, the song that sung by Giegiel – Cahaya..Come, sing with me..


Giegiel – Cahaya

Akhir kutemui sinar menerangi
Umpama datangnya bidadari
Terasa bagaikan mimpi-mimpi suci
Hadirnya ada rahsia tersendiri
Biar arah mengelirukan diri
Biar rebah ke bumi
Tersesat bagaikan tiada bertepi
Ke dasar hanya doa mengiringi
Kabut yang berlari ditinggal begitu
Takkan kudakap seperti dulu
( 1 )
Di sepi malam hanya bertemankan bintang
Hatiku merayu pada-Mu Tuhan Yang Satu
Moga diberikan satu petunjuk dan jalan menemui-Mu
Hanya ku berserah padamu Tuhan ku
( 2 )
Hanya pada nama
Hanya satu pintaku
Hanya pada kasih
Kan kuserahkan jiwaku
Hanya pada cinta
Hanya itu janjiku
Hanya pada Satu
Aku imankan jiwaku
( 3 )
Aku merayu pada-Mu Yang Satu
Moga ditempatkan ku bersama cahaya
Seperti mereka
Setia dengan Mu
( ulang 1, 2 & 3 )
Setia dengan Mu ( 3X )


Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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