3P di sana sinunn d^^,b Part 2

Breakfast with Kak Eifa and Trainers for 3PHihihihi boring plak malam nih, my kangkong must be still sleeping at this very moment, she still at the office at this time, working overtime, but I told her to get a sleep, so here I am again, membelek belek gambar lama, tetiber trasa nak buat part 2 la pulokk, hihihihi, I just want to share my past experience with you, that’s all, hihihihihi, so here’s my story, 3P at UMP, 2010, I already forgot the date of that program started when. 29316_1272430898554_1463345429_556269_5926857_nBut it starting around May like that, after receiving phone call from my boss, ajau, well once again I feel so alive coz it is adventure time againn, you know, travelling to Pahang is an massive excitement coz I never been there before. After being appointed as an admin exec, well I starting doing research on my own about UMP, the location and the exciting place in Pahang.

After all of the research, the next day I was goin to the bus station to buy the “Che Piao”/ bus ticket to Gambang, Pahang. My boss said the UMP located just at side of the main road, so my journey begin. That’s all were my first time, including riding a bus alone, to Pahang, so, as always, nervous and anxiety is the only feelings that I had at that time. Before departing to Pahang, heading to UMP, my boss tell me about the new project executives or my new boss that I will served to. Well this is also my first time working under female boss, a lot of perception attacking my nerve system and medulla oblongata, im just afraid I cant cope up with the other boss beside of my big boss, ajau. Then I was adviced by my boss to try adapted my self into that kind of situation because later on, this is the situation that I will faced in the real world. So I accept the challenge, and working hard to adapt myself into new environment.

my boss at UMP, Kak Eifa

After arriving at Gambang, well my new boss come and pick me up, Miss Norsifa Sakinah was my new boss and my first impression was? Cam ok jew kakak nih, well I guess I’ll be back home alive, hihihihihihihi. Eventually, after 2 month working with kak effa, I found out that it was very fun to stick with kak effa, coz we adventuring a lot at Pahang. 29316_1272728425992_1463345429_556852_81181_nOh yeah, I forgot something, after arriving at UMP, kak effa invite me to follow her to Terengganu, to accompany her to UMT for exchanging some of the book for 3P participant. So kitorang memunggah berkotak kotak of books into cars and drive them to UMT and then take back our books which is misplace by the book vendor. First assignment/ job after arriving to UMP, pretty challenging rite? Well we going back to Gambang Resort at that night, did I mention Gambang Resort? Yes that is our home for 2 month, vip suite, complete with free breakfast and all of the fun things there..


Well my boss said, you are so lucky ajiz, last time you sleep with all of the luxury hotel and this time was the same also, not all of the admin exec was like you. And yes I feel so grateful, rezeki dari Allah swt, well I utilize all of them to the maximum usage, hihihihihihi. After back from work at 5pm, swimming is a routine that I always do, penat ke tak penat ke, I love swimming. 29316_1272727745975_1463345429_556838_3988164_nI love water and I feel like I was flying and free from everything whenever I swimming and diving. The sensation was priceless and unforgettable. And then I met a new technician again, actually a senior technician who was assigned in the same team with me and Kak Effa, Sufian was the name, we call him pian, well he is my room mate during my stay at Gambang Resort. From aspect of administration, he teach me a lot of things, this is because he had a lot more of experience working with Prestariang on project like this.


Then I gain a lot of new friends during my work at UMP Gambang, syukur alhamdulillah. We adventuring and went through a lot during working together as a team at UMP. There is a time where we also travelling to Terengganu for the second time to send the server to the other team at Terengganu. 28052010771So we stay one night there and guess what? Luxury resort once again, well I guess that was my lucky project. We stayed at Ulek Resort Which is…Very Relaxing and berbaloi baloi. Well imagine, the resort was located near the beach, and inside the house they got jacuzzi and a swimming pool outside the house. Truly I experienced a little paradise at earth, syukur alhamdulillah. Well there is a lot of place that we visited at Terengganu and it feels great.


Sounds like fun huh? But that is not the great part, the part was the experience that I gain during the two month work there, a lot of challenge that I faced, improving myself a little. There is a lot of life lesson that I gain and also I was exposed to the real professional working environment which is important for me to prepare myself to the real world, real truth, and reality. 28052010833Well that’s all experience and sweet and unforgettable memories, insyaAllah next sem, if I got a chance again, I guess I will be on adventure again. And then after that, convocation..And then 6 month waiting for the real work, and then working in the real worlds. Facing the reality of life, living alone, earning my own money with blood and sweat, truly unimaginable and it gave me a chill. I guess that’s all for tonite, if one of you get a chance to participating at 3P program, appreciate it by study hard and get a flying marks because it is for your own benefit.



Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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