As life goes on..

Why_So_Serious_by_TylerKoenigLife, is a strange things isn’t? It’s the same with Love..Love can give you happiness and sadness at the same times..Well it’s getting more weird and weirder..Actually I don’t know what to write on this blog rite now, but my hands keep pushing the key on my keyboard..Searching for the right words for this feelings..I also don’t know what is this feeling..It’s mixing with other feelings, sadness, happy, missing some one, guilty, angry, and some more..Maybe some of you always wonder, why I am always like this? Playing with feelings, takde keje lain ke, tiap kali jenguk blog dier nih mesti sumthing wrong with his feeling, ape daaa…

birdsdon__twanttoflyanymore_by_pyromaniacWell there is nothing that I can do, this is me..I don’t know what is wrong with me..Is this have to do with pressure? Stress? Well maybe..I don’t know..Maybe the songs that I heard at this very moment? Well maybe too, but why? Human emotion is a very complicated things, and different according to gender..Can be affected easily with our surrounding, with small words, with unpleasant sound, and even with the song..Well same goes with me, sumtimes whenever I heard a Emo song, my emotion especially sadness will be activated automatically..Sometimes it happened..What kind of song actually? Well I don’t know about you, but for me..Sad rhythm with sad lyric already enough to turn me down..But it’s not frequently happen at all the time, it’s often occurs whenever I feel lonely, but there is no one to talk to, then I start listening to this kind of song..And then..



Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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