6/4/2011..taktau nak letak entry ape..

Dark azs photo2297Today is my usual, normal, hectic life..Wake up at 9am, listening to Nighthwish while studying the mandarin cuz at 2pm there is a test..Midterm test, well, its all goin well, then out of class earlier than before, 3sumthin p.m, maybe almost 4..Sum of my friend in the back did not satisfy with the test becoz, reason 1: Very Hard Level, reason 2: Didn’t hav enough time, and so on. Well that apply to me as well but, hey..What you give, that’s what you get..If you study enough, than of course you will got high score, and if not, lets smile just like me back then, heeeeeeeeeee…d^^,b


After class, we are heading to the place where we always buy sum food there, I don’t know what they call that place, but surely it is located in front of the Puncak’s gate..Nasi goreng Cina, and 2 cucuk bontot ayam, that’s for my stomach today, well, that is the usual me, usual life routine after class, and after all of that, back to “home” again, but I prefer not to call that as a home, lets call it as a shelter, or, bunkk, or emm, “aplacewherethereisnowheretogo” or “my sleeping chamber”. Why you ask? Izzit doesn’t look like home? well yeaaah exactly, you know, with garbage worms swarming and “playin” in the floor, and then all of shirt and pants everywhere including underwear, trash and garbage on the floor and desk,  sisa sisa makanan, bicycle, smell of smokes, ashes, centipede, cockroaches, spider, mosquitos and so on. The only place in that home that I prefer to call “sleeping chamber” is my bed, katil tanpa sarung, and my old bantal with extraordinary smell which is if I wash it ten thousand times sekalipon, bau dier tetap tak akan hilang. Extraordinary rite? Well don’t think you are the one with rare item or rare collection, I also have laa..

Dark azs photo2273

Now is 11pm, and tomorrow at 2pm we got test again, 3 test for 3 days, and it ends at friday, and then next week is another different story..Submission date of sum assignment will be on the next week, but our team is Kamikaze Team, no matter how short the time is, we will manage to get it done by the date of submission, auuww yeaaahhh, hahahahahaha..Not to mention the test that will be held next week, and so you know, hardship in life is a funny things, at the time we face it, we feels like the pressure on our back is increasing more and more, but once we done with it, I mean 5 years later, it will be the sweetest memory ever that we want to experience it again if we had a chance. So, to all of my comrade out there, all da best alrite, and to my kangkong in the far far away kingdom, I miss you and I love you..


Oh yaa, before I forgot, yesterday I found sumthing extraordinary at fb which almost a decade I didn’t hear or see anythings yang seumpama ini, well its shock me, the language of new generation nowadays, extraordinary than our current generation, I mean my generation..Well see it by yourself, I guess only a sabahan would understand this phrase but, its fun to read actually, ahahahahaha, budak zaman skg nih taww, macam2 ada..


Muka macam pilai, pakkieww laa kauuu, kahkahkahkahkahkahkahkah, lutcuhnyaaa bahasa budak2 jaman skg tau, kihkihkihkihkih, siuk dibaca nih..Suddenly I remember my friend at St Michael, Deny is the name, and he is the type of person which is when he feels like to say it, he directly say it..Just like that..

Dark azs photo829Aik, not finish yet, yesterday, Mr Jefdi from Prestariang call me and offer me to be his team, workin again at Semenanjung Malaysia Sites, maybe Ajau recommended me to Jefdi Team, well for me, that is an opportunity which only come once, I really want to go for an adventure once more, just like the old time, hard decision to make ehh, but suddenly while talking on the phone, I glanced briefly her face, and my moms face, and my homes, and my friends..I really miss them like a lot, so I refuse the offer nicely, and I say, Encik, next sem ade lagi kew, kalau ade lagi, panggil panggil la saya lagi yer? hihihihihi, well that’s a sacrifice or decision to make. My friend c daia says, maybe ade hikmah tuh, boleh bposa dengan family and beraya dengan family, dah brapa lama ko asyik posa n braya kat Puncak nih haa..Well its all true, but I glad I make the right choice. I’ll be back home this May, 11, Sandakan, wait for me..

Dark azs photo821


Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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