Today is not History, its Mystory and Herstory..d^^,b


Today is really a special day actually, a lil bit historical, memorable, unforgettable and embarrassing event which happen in my life storyline..Maybe its just a plain story for some people but, for me its really change my life forever..Well, this is the day that I met my Kangkong after all of the journey for almost many years..Actually I met her a long time ago, first I seen her when I was still a kids, and we are at the same class together, she is the bright girl in my class, a lil bit shy and silent, yet so genius..For your information, we were at the same school since at S.R.J.K (c) Cheng Min, we were barely close at that time, just a hi hi bye bye friend, just like when we met, hi sal, bye sal…Yeahh just like that. Love is a strange things isn’t? It’s a lil bit nostalgic actually, but im sure miss that old days..

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Then we grew up together, but still, not as close as right now, and I was continue finding my lost identity and so was she..We enter the S.M.K St Michael together, at form 1, we were at the same class together, hihihihihi. Its funny actually, seeing her wearing tudung at the first tym, but yeahh she did it until this very moment, syukur alhamdulillah. And then form 2-3 we were separated and then united again under form 4A until 5A, and yes, I was still searching for her at that time although she is really in front of my eyes..I was trying to find someone but I failed, so I ignore this feeling and continue to live on just like usual. Yet we were so close, seeing each other everyday, hi hi and bye bye every single day..Then after finished SPM, once again we were entering the same school for Form 6 at SMK Muhibbah but in the different class. But then she got offer from government to work for them at Hospital Kinabatangan, then she let go Form6 and accept that offer.

DSCN2510For me, life goes on after that, still searching and keep on searching, continue life like usual, with help from all of my jingkil’s friend, I managed to live this life wildly and happily..You know, goin crazy and stuff, just like the normal kids..But then one day, I met her actually, at the Sandakan Town, yupz..that’s my birth place..First I met her, I saw her walking alone but I didn’t greet her cuz I thought she was in a hurry or sumthing cuz she really didn’t saw me at that time..At that time, tetiber jew aku bermonolog sensorang, ehh itu c sal laa, tia sangka dapat jumpa lagik dea..But that’s was just my feeling, you know, just like missing the old friend. But the second time I met her, this time it was sumthin inside, sumthing unexplainable..This time I met her with her mother, walking at the town, maybe goin out for shopping..So I say hi sal, long tym no see, you know..the same conversation routine, but deep in me, its actually sumthing already..I don’t why but yes, its dup dap dup dap..Then after that small talk, I continue to walk to Pasar to meet my mum actually, there’s sum bisnes but I already forgot what it is.

DSCN2518 (2)Then, on my way going home, to the bus station, I met her and her mother again, what a coincidence..Then as usual, ehh kao lagik, hihihihihiihi..Back at home, suddenly I missing to talk to her again, I don’t why but its started there..Ohyaa, I forgot to tell you, at that time, I was already at UiTM, semester 3 maybe. And then you know, information disseminate very fast with FB, I saw her profile and I add her as friend, and so we starting to contacting each other by facebook, first by commenting her photo, I still remember that photo, wawawawawa. You know how was I at that time, a teaser and a bully, just like to teasing with sum funny words, then I created this name for her, “Kangkong Lenggang”. Why kangkong lenggang you ask? Suka ati aku laa, wawawawawawa, then she call me Kobez yg begulik gulik, ahahahahahahaha, and that name was embedded in our relationship till this very moment, ahahahahahahahahahaha..Cinta sayur sayuran, says one of my friend, hikhikhikhik..

DSCN2559But we still not official just yet, I mean our relationship, not until this day, back at that previous year, exactly at 8pm sumthin, I say those magic words to her, digitally, through Yahoo Messenger.. You know, that 3 magic words..well of course maybe some of you will says, that is not gentleman, you should face to face with her, but we were so far from each other, I am here, at Shah Alam, and she is at Kinabatangan, Sabah, well this is the only way, better than letter perhaps..Responds? well, ask her, hihihihihihi. Maybe she taught I was playing or just teasing her like always at that time, but she didn’t know how hard I am to say those words, then I told her to wait for me until I finish my meeting with my team at that time, you know, assignment stuff..And after I comeback, surprisingly, she really wait for me at YM, well, I told myself at that time, I really have to say it, otherwise I gonna lose her forever..

DSCN2638Well you see, love only come once in your life, once you let it go, its really hard to make it come again, if it did comeback, its not the same anymore..So I said it, and then her answer change our life together..Well that is my story, there so much blank page to write, and our journey still so far away. This gift from Allah swt, this feeling, rasa rindu nih, rasa sayang, rasa cinta, semuanya kurniaanNya. I still remember one very important question that I ask her, last year I recall, I ask her this..Do you know, in my heart, you were in which place? tempat 1? tempat 2? tempat 3? tempat 4? Then surprisingly her answer is correct and yes, even in her heart, I was in fourth place too..So what is first place you ask? 1. Allah swt, 2. Nabi Muhammad s.a.w 3. Ibu dan Bapa, and then there is me and her at the fourth place. And today is our anniversary, to my kangkong lenggang, if you read this, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..d^^,b

kangkong lenggang


3P di sana sinunnn d^^,b part 1


Ntah nape malam nih tangan trasa gatal nak bukak pic2 lama kat pc nih, tetiber jumpe pic sewaktu keja dengan Prestariang masa dulu dulu, nostalgik sangat2..Ingat lagi masa first interview, abang aku sebenarnya yang merekomenkan keje ne untuk aku masa cuti semester tahun 2009, sebelum semester yang kedua tue habis, abang aku suruh aku call bos dier kat prestariang dulu untuk cari keje part time, then aku pon call laa en Azhar tue, alhamdulillah kebetulan Ajau (nama panggilan en Azhar) masa tue nak cari admin exec tuk team dia kat UMS Sabah.


Ohya lupa nak perkenalkan 3P ni ape, 3P stands for Program Pentauliahan Professional, which is a very good program indeed. This program really produced a lot of undergraduate with extra multitasking skill and softskill. Program nih memang mendapat banyak sambutan di UMS, dan pada pendapat saya sendiri, student yang terpilih sepatutnya lebih menghargai program program seperti ini kerana ini untuk kebaikan mereka juga. 15732_205542624793_732079793_3177785_3146438_nAntara prgram program yang ditawarkan dalam masa sebulan tuh ialah Microsoft ASP. Net, which is taught by Mr Bambang fanny indarto, and Mr Adriyunus from Indonesia, adobe flash by Mr Iim Rustandi, adobe dreamweaver by Ms Puspa, also from Indonesia,Microsoft SQL by Mr Tekad Matulatan, Network + by Mr Patrick and Mr Sivaneshan,  all of them is really pro as a trainer and at the same time, mesra gituu..Well, all of us have a great time at KK together, imagine, we live at the Hotel Grand Borneo for almost 2 months, which is fully sponsored by Prestariang, syukur alhamdulillah..Pengalaman pertama dan pengalaman yang paling menyeronokkan.


Just imagine, waking up in a expensive hotel room, everyday, and having breakfast at that hotel too,and its free!! which is very cool and awesome..But in a long period of time, making that as a routine in daily life also make us feel boring. 15732_205542559793_732079793_3177776_4168959_nBut that is not the main point here, working with prestariang, well, changes my life a little. There is many experience that I gain from the workfield, especially when working along with the best technician at UMS, Mohd Saifuddin Sairin, a very talented guy that I ever met, well he is the one who teach me a little things with networking and so on. Hoping to met him at KK, and learning new things again, hahahahaha..


Well, ilmu tidak akan pernah mencukupi walau sepanjang mana usia kita sekalipon. At the worksite, I also learn to enhance my softskill, you know, communicating with people, which is really my weaknesses. Well, my boss, Ajau, train me at that whole month, everyday, to gain more confidence in myself. Actually im very in a large debt with Ajau, he is just like my master, my guru and my boss..He teach me lot from a lot of aspect..From work to spiritual enhancement, aku banyak mendalami ilmu agama sewaktu bekerja dengan 3P nih, that’s why its change me a lot. Syukur alhamdulillah I am what I am right now.