Left for dead..

This is not the PC games left 4 dead stuff alrite? its just a words that I feel right at this moment..Left for dead..Ditinggalkan untuk mati..of_stars_and_moon_craters_by_isip_bataYupz, tonite is very..emm..I don’t know how to express this feelings, lonely?? emm..Silent??ehhhh, Missing someone? yeaah that’s a bit right too..I don’t know man, something happen lately..like a lot..and my head didn’t functioning very much..I really don’t want to keep angry at all the time, I want to smile like always, coz it’s the only way I feel much alive than before..But situation that I got into..I really don’t know how to write this things here..But, I want to remind my self about some old saying..”Ada 2 perkara yang wajib kita ingat ingatkan, dan ada 2 perkara yang wajib kita lupakan..2 perkara yang wajib kita ingat ingatkan ialah 1. Dosa kita terhadap seseorang dan juga 2. Jasa baik/ kebaikan yang orang lain pernah buat kat kita…2 perkara yang wajib kita lupakan ialah  1. Kebaikan yang pernah kita lakukan kepada seseorang dan jugak 2. Dosa/ keburukan yang orang lain pernah buat kat kita..”

I really love this old quote, its remind me how to forgive and smile..But sometime how hard I try to forgive, my heart keeps sulking and say no, I don’t know why this is happening to me, I just want to be happy..I really hate to see that satans laughing at me while watching me angry..my_vision_satan_by_gordototeIn Islam belief, When a person is angry, a satan will come closer to him/her and persuade him/her to angry more while laughing..This is because anger is the main door in our heart which accessible by satan and its only accessible when we are angry..I guess we should put some swipe card authentication to prevent unauthorized satan from entering our heart..How to?? I know some old method, and its 100% working, but sometime for some person, its hard to apply it (susah nak amal)..

What izzit??hihihihihihihi, its so easy actually..After solat/ prayer, whether its sunat or wajib, amalkan Subhannallah x33, Alhamdulillah x33 and lastly Allahuakhbar x33, well you can add on some more powerful zikir after that such as Lailahaillallah x33.. Well for someone who seek forgiveness from Allah swt should add on Astagfirullahalazhim x33..Well, before sleeping, we also can apply this zikir, amek wudhu first, then go to your bed, you can sit in a comfortable position, then zikir… and then try to sleep, insyaAllah you’ll feel great in the next morning..don’t forget to read doa before sleep and after sleeping too alrite? Coz not everyday we will have a chance to wake up like usual..


And I also read some artikel at Solusi, a very islamic fun reading magazine actually, which says that, carilah 70 alasan sebelum kamu membenci/ marah kepada seseorang, dan jika kamu masih marah, salahkan hati kamu sendiri..First when I read this article I says wowww!! This is interesting, as I read more and more, rupa rupanya, pada zaman sahabat2 nabi dulu, sebelum dan selepas kewafatan Nabi junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, para sahabat ini, sebelum memperkatakan ataupun membincangkan sesuatu tentang sesuatu yang mereka tidak pasti, mereka akan berfikir panjang2 dahulu sebelum berkata kata, kadangkala sampai memakan masa berhari hari..Means what??


Well it’s a moral lesson actually, before we speak something, and before we express something, we need to THINK..Izzit true? izzit worth it? can I hurt others with this kind of speech? Izzit necessary? Why I need to? Think before you says something, just like the old malay saying, Terlajak Perahu, walaupun takde gear box, buleh reverse jugak, tapi terlajak kata, padahnya lu sendiri pikiaq laa..Or Metropolitan sayings, “Sebab mulut badan binasa, sebab mulut jugak nasik habis..”well its pretty true..So, kesimpulannyaa, sometime, we made mistakes, sometime its unforgivable, Teda maaf bagimu..some says..But when we do, I mean, its really our mistakes, apologizes, but even if its not our mistakes, apologizes too, its worth it you know, no need for that ego, coz kalu nak turutkan ego dan keras kepala, sampai ke liang lahad masih lagi saling membenci..When that’s happen, well, as your feet reach the padang masyar..Take a good look at yourself, and ask yourself, izzit worth it? Just for some really small matter? Izzit? well, its already to late, when we are already at that place..


Tetiber teringat Dr Haliza plak, tadi kan aku lewat masuk kelas, Sleeping issues, lewat giler giler laa, tapi dok gagahkan hati jugak pergi ke kelas, then Dr just look at me while smiling, why are you late? and I says, lambat bangunlaa puan, then she replied with a bit smile in her face, “Better late than never..” Biar terlewat, daripada tak datang langsung..Well, at that time, I say to myself, this things cannot happen anymore..Its torturing me inside..I really have to work this out, I mean my sleeping issues..Ehh, where were we? dah jauh tersesat nih, apepon, to all my friend out there who read this, im so sorry, deep from my heart, I don’t want to gadoh2, I apologize for all the things that I’ve done, I didn’t mean it, even if I look like angry, I really didn’t meant it, I swear..I love all my friend, and I don’t want to gadoh2..Becoz to me, if I really want to gadoh, its better to gadoh with each of us holding weapon, and kill each other, becoz when we die, we will not see each other face anymore, before reaching Padang Masyar..So, I sincerely apologize, forgive me, I promise, I try not to do it again..And lastly but not least, Think before you speak, Apologize, and Smile, think +ve coz theres nothing to be angry about..Its all in our heart, ALL IZ WELL, ALL IZ WELL, ALL IZ WELL..