Another story of Monday Morning..

aSalam n morning everyone, its Monday again, pepagi isnin ne dah sakit hati ngan room mate ne haa, sabo aje laa, this is what you get when you stay in same roof with them, what to do, put on your fake smile and put your fist away and point it to your keyboard and digitize your anger, transforming anger to written word in blog reduce only a few percent of anger but at least, kureng sket marah. Nasib bek my kangkong call, tenang n happy sket  lepas dengar suara dier. Alahai, dunia oh dunia, never thought this kind of species also exist in this very earth. Enough with whining, watsup everyone,  I forgot to share the pricelist last nite, external n stuff price list..

bAnd this is the price list for software such as OS or microsoft word 2010 at LowYatt..Well, I can install MS Win 7 Ultimate (OEM) at the low price, just rm20, berbanding dengan rm 589, well, u choose..But for MS WIN 7 Ultimate Retail, which cost you rm 639, I can install it for you the same os, original, at the price of rm50, so..customer always rite, choose it by yourself, you can pm me at my facebook for the detail, oh, before I forgot, the MS OFFICE Home and Business 2010 Retail, which cost you rm 499 at Lowyatt, I can install for you the same product, same originality, at the price of rm 50, and for MS Office Pro 2010 retail, which also cost you rm 1299 at LowYatt, you can get it from me at most insanely low cost with free installation, same product, same originality, at the price of rm 80, look for my pricelist at

Enjoyyy…d^^,v, slamat hari isnin smuanyaaaa


Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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