External Hard Disk hunting..

Just comin back from external hunting at Low Yatt Plaza, near the Berjaya Times Square. After hearing all the rumor about rm200 1Terabyte 2.5 external hard disk, we keep hunting the external  hard disk for more than 3hours..Dark azs photo2058well, after thorough investigation and survey, such thing didn’t exist just yet..Well, im kinda hope that rumor was true but unfortunately its not..Arrrghh, I already drained all of my energy to search this things..I hope the price will decrease someday. I guess, in this era, for one person, 1Tera byte is just like a 4gb pendrive which is still not enough to keep all of the files and variant of document at their laptop. Well that’s problem really happen to me eventually..so, advise for myself and the others who face the same problem, delete unwanted files, make an appraisal and disposal in your system..well, that’s all for today, im so freakin tired arrrgghhhh..1178


One comment on “External Hard Disk hunting..

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