Saturday night..

At the time like this..I mean, Saturday night is the night where we enjoy ourselves, maybe hanging around with friends, family, our love one..well when its come to my story, its totally different. For me, my world is only around my table, chair, laptop, well its sound very boring right? Maybe I already used to it..I don’t know what will I be in the future..I hope I still alive to see tomorrow..Maybe all of this sounds like, “Man, you are so pathetic!!” Dark azs photo2057But, this is the reality, real truth..Unbelievable right? You see, looking at this calendar make me wonder, I mean, wow, time is really so short..some of my friend already married, some of them already got their dream job, well some of them still stay the same, well, a lot of things happen you know..Yesterday I feel like I just met them, I mean my friend at my home town, and then my friend at my college..time really running fast, leaving us behind without looking back..All that left is memories..sweet n sour memories..Looking forward is the only way that we can do now, to all of my friend out there, miss you all..








Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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