Cuti cuti puncak perdana..

Today at class, I thought there will be an mandarin test today, but luckily Mr Ho postponed the test to next week, along with mandarin writing test, arrrrggghhh, another challenge to be faced..and after class, I were heading to clinic, askin medicine for my stomach..well..its been aching since 4 days ago..Perot Kembong…well the doc said here take this, its taste like Gaviscon..Errkk..just like a liquid paper to me..

Dark azs photo2052

well, this incoming thursday and friday will be a holiday for student puncak perdana, a lot of student already heading back home for holiday..Me? I got my kangkong, well life is not that bad as long as she is with me..Ct and the gengs have a plan to da Sungai Congkak, sound interesting but, I think I have enough of this holiday, I got a sunburn on my back, waterworld punyer pasal, wawawawawawa..but the memories is priceless…well got to go..


Komen jangan tak komen yerr, nanti saya bagi hadiah d^^,b

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